2016 Champions of the Family

During this election, we will be electing leaders to lead our great state of North Carolina. As far as our State government is concerned, casting your vote for candidates who will represent our North Carolina Values is critical, and I urge you to go vote today!

You may have heard that because of a pipeline explosion this week, there could be gas shortages in the coming days. Voting early ensures that a gas shortage won’t keep you from voting on Tuesday, November 8th. Early voting is underway, and you can look up your early voting polling place here.

When you vote, we want to encourage you to cast your vote for candidates who have stood strongly in favor of family values like limiting abortion, protecting religious freedoms, allowing school choice, and ensuring privacy and safety for our children. We believe that voting in favor of candidates who share our values produces good public policies that reflect those values. Therefore, we encourage you to consider these Champions of Family Values as you vote!

Governor & Council of State


Governor--Pat McCrory

Governor Pat McCrory has stood strong in supporting HB2, which protects the privacy and safety of women and young girls in bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers. HB2 repealed the dangerous Charlotte ordinance that would have allowed any man to enter a woman’s bathroom at any time merely by claiming to be a woman that day. On the other hand, his opponent, Roy Cooper, has refused to defend HB2 in the court challenges brought by the ACLU, has campaigned against the law, and has used it to bring economic harm to the State of North Carolina. If you haven’t seen our video ad about the impact of Roy Cooper’s bathroom plan, you can watch it here. We encourage you to share it with your friends and families. Governor McCrory has also signed 3 major pro-life bills during his tenure as Governor. All this in addition to the economic surge he has brought and the sorely needed reforms to public education. Governor McCrory has been a strong leader for our values!



Lieutenant Governor--Dan Forest

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest has supported not only tremendous economic and education reforms, but he has led the fight to preserve religious freedom in our State. He has given his unwavering support for HB2 and pro-life reforms. He is a man of unquestionable integrity and godly character who has contributed greatly to the freedoms that we enjoy now. Lieutenant Governor Forest is a champion of our family values!


Attorney General--Buck Newton

As a state senator, Buck Newton led the fight to pass HB2. He has stood strong on Biblical issues like marriage, and abortion. But he has also led criminal reform bills that protect women and children from sexual assault and put victims of crime above the criminals themselves. He will be the type of Attorney General who will actually do his job, by defending the spurious attacks by leftist groups on reforms passed by our great legislature and Governor.



State Treasurer--Dale Folwell

As the Speaker Pro Tempore in the State House and the Secretary of Employment Security, Dale Folwell led efforts to clean up state government and to protect family values. He paid off a $2.6B debt to the federal government that was left to him by his predecessor and created a $2B surplus. As State Treasurer, Dale will shine the light on bad financial practices, reform our state’s treasury, and protect families who depend on the State for health insurance and retirement benefits.

Supreme Court


NC Supreme Court Justice--Justice Bob Edmunds

As a sitting Supreme Court Justice, Bob Edmunds is a conservative jurist who seeks to preserve the Constitution and laws of our state by strictly construing them, not legislating from the bench. If he does not win re-election, the balance of power of the court will shift from conservative to liberal. Justice Edmunds has been a fair judge who rules impartially!

Court of Appeals

Judge Richard Dietz, Hunter Murphy, Bob Hunter, Phil Berger, Jr. and Valerie Zachery. 


State Legislators

You can also find out how much your legislators championed pro-family causes by visting our Champions of the family scorecard.

Click to View State Legislator Scorecards


To advance conservative and Biblical values in our State, it is important that you vote! And voting for people who share our values is important!

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