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raised of a $100,000.00 goal

Yes, I can get behind Tami Fitzgerald and the NC Values Coalition. I support this ad and other projects sponsored by NC Values to advance a culture where all human life is valued, religious liberty thrives, and marriage & families flourish. This year it is important to equip voters to elect to public office those who affirm life, faith, freedom, and family-friendly legislation. 

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My Abortion Survivor Story


The Facts

The North Carolina House and Senate passed SB-359, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, before Governor Roy Cooper vetoed it in 2019. The Senate successfully overrode the veto but the House was five votes short of the required 60% to override the Governor's veto. Thirty-one states currently have laws with specific guidelines mandating abortionists exercise professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child. In those states, a child born alive must be immediately transported and admitted to a hospital. Having no such law or statute in North Carolina is unacceptable. Gov. Cooper expressed that the idea babies may be born alive after a botched abortion doesn’t happen. But it’s simply not true.


Only a handful of states require records of babies born alive following abortion procedures — proof that it does happen. Florida has recorded 17 cases in the last two years alone. Undercover investigators have used hidden cameras to record abortionists describe deliberately not providing care for a baby born alive; instead, they leave the baby to die. There are no reporting requirements in North Carolina so today we are unsure how many more baby boys and girls survive an abortion only to be placed in a plastic biohazard bag and thrown out alive.

Together, we must work and vote to recognize the inherent sanctity of a living human being. Do you know anyone who thinks an infant child is not a human being deserving of the rights and protections of any other person? Planned or unplanned should not influence the decision as to whether a child is given the right to live when born alive. Leaving a child born alive to die is infanticide no matter how Gov. Cooper or Democrats in the General Assembly try to rationalize it.

Matching Grant

This year, we urgently need your help to expose Governor Cooper's lies, and help elect a governor like Dan Forest who will fight for the rights of abortion survivors like the one in our video. A generous donor has even offered to match the next $20,000 of donations dollar for dollar. Will you consider DOUBLING the impact of your gift today by making a $100, $250, $500, or more donation to help us get this message out? People need to know it!

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