2021 Pro-Values Bills Crossover Results:

Crossover Results

Made Crossover:

  • Human Life Non-Discrimination Act HB453 Limits abortions performed for reasons of race-selection and Down Syndrome; acts as a ban on eugenic abortions. (Passed the House; sent to the Senate)
  • Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act SB405 Requires healthcare professionals to provide life-saving medical treatment to babies born alive as the result of an abortion.  (Passed the Senate; sent to the House)
  • Dignity for Women Who are Incarcerated H608 Limits the use of restraints for pregnant incarcerated women during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy; mandates care for pregnant incarcerated women; and requires post-partum care.  (Passed House; sent to Senate)
  • Opportunity Scholarship Changes H32 Expands the eligibility, funds granted, and funds appropriated for Opportunity Scholarships. (Passed House; sent to Senate)
  • Expedite Permanency S693 Speeds up permanency for children in foster care; increases mental health services for children in foster care. (Passed Senate; sent to House)
  • Donor Privacy— S636 Prohibits state agencies from requiring the disclosure of the identity of donors to non-profit groups and imposing penalties on individuals within government agencies who leak such information to the public/press.  (Passed Senate; sent to House)
  • Limit Who May Advertise/Adoption Laws— SB 552 Limits the right to advertise to place or accept a child for adoption to the County DSS or a licensed child-placing agency; eliminates the ability of an adoption facilitator to advertise. This will help eliminate child trafficking. (Passed Senate; sent to House)
  • Foster Parents Bill of Rights—HB 769 Gives rights to foster parents—to serve as a respected member of the child welfare team; receive information and support; reimbursement; notice of court hearings; to be considered for adoption. (Passed House; sent to Senate)
  • Academic Transparency—HB 755 Requires the governing body of a public school unit to prominently display for each school it governs on the school system’s website all the instructional materials, lesson plans for the previous year, and procedures for approval of curriculum and instructional materials. (Passed House; sent to Senate)

Didn’t Make Crossover:

  • Second Chance for Life SB404 Requires abortion providers to give abortion-minded women information about the medical protocols that could reverse a chemical abortion after the first pill is administered. Also gives the abortion-reversal hotline number. Increases the criminal penalty for anyone other than a qualified physician who provides abortion pills to abortion-minded women (intended to prohibit mail-order abortion pills).  
  • Save Women’s Sports HB358 Protects opportunities for women and girls in athletics by ensuring that women are not forced to compete against biological men on women’s sports teams. 
  • Youth Health Protection Act SB514 Protects minors from administration of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, and from the imposition of surgical procedures, for the purpose of causing the child to physically appear more like a person of the opposite sex or to conform to a gender identity incongruent with the child’s sex.   
  • Medical Conscience Protection Act SB515 Protects the conscience rights of medical practitioners and healthcare entities for procedures that violate their moral, ethical, or religious beliefs and protects them from discrimination, punishment, or retaliation due to exercising the right of conscience.  
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