✅ 9th District Early Voting Started Today

We wanted to send you a quick reminder that one-stop (early) voting begins today. You have until September 6th to vote early for the 9th District Congressional special election. After that, your last chance to vote will be on election day, September 10th

If you're looking for some additional research on which candidates align with your values, we encourage you to check out the pictured voter's guide produced by iVoter Guide and located here.

If you need helping finding your local polling site, visit our Find My Voting Site tool here.

Earlier this year the NC Values Coalition endorsed Dan Bishop for the 9th Congressional district. Dan Bishop shares our values and a commitment to defend religious freedom, faith, and the family. As a Senator representing south-central Mecklenburg county in the NC Senate, Dan Bishop has faithfully stood right beside us defending your values. He voted for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act twice, to protect the lives of babies who are born during a botched abortion.

He sponsored voter ID laws that protect the integrity of elections. And, he stood strongly in support of privacy and safety in public bathrooms. As a candidate and future congressman, we're excited by his commitment to opposing Pelosi's toxic agenda, his commitment to speaking for the unborn and passing the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act, and the experience and faith-driven passion he brings to Congress.

In dire contrast to Dan Bishop is Dan McCready. While he has attempted to pass himself off as a moderate, it's obvious that McCready's election means an additional liberal voting pawn for Pelosi. McCready has gladly received an endorsement by the Human Rights Campaign—the nation’s biggest and most extreme LGBTQ activists organization—evidencing the values he would bring to Congress were he elected. 

Simply put, McCready is the WRONG Dan for the 9th district.

For these reasons, we have proudly endorsed Dan Bishop to boldly represent North Carolina in the US House of Representatives.

Make sure you get out and vote today, because you never know what tomorrow brings! 


Tami Fitzgerald
NC Values Coalition

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