๐Ÿ“ˆ Abortion rates rise

According to new statistics released Wednesday by the Guttmacher Institute, abortions rose 8% nationwide, the first significant increase since 1990. In 2020, there were 930,160 abortions compared to 2017 when there were 862,320 abortions in the United States. One in five pregnancies resulted in an abortion in 2020, a 12% increase from 2017. This is an alarming development as abortion rates had been decreasing consistently since 1990. โ€‹

Notably, in North Carolina the abortions rose 8% from 2017-2020. There were 29,500 abortions in 2017 compared to 31,850 abortions in 2020. โ€‹

These statistics were released at a pivotal time in abortion history in America. The nation waits on the Supreme Courtโ€™s final decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Womenโ€™s Health Organization which could explicitly overturn Roe v. Wade and remove the federal protection for abortion. This would allow individual states to make their own decision regarding abortion. โ€‹

The Guttmacher Institute released another study examining which states could ban abortion should Roe v. Wade be overturned. According to their research, there are 26 states that are certain or likely to pass legislation restricting abortion. This legislation ranges from trigger bans, 6-week bans, 8-week bans, and full bans of abortion. North Carolina is not one of these 26 states. โ€‹

This research shows the increasing need for North Carolina lawmakers to take pro-life legislation seriously. Abortion rates will continue to rise in the state if there is no action taken to ban abortion and uphold pro-life legislation. The 2022 midterms are the most important elections in 50 years. For pro-life legislation to be passed, the Republicans must take a veto-proof super-majority in the state legislature. Otherwise, pro-life legislation will continue to fail due to Governor Cooperโ€™s veto. North Carolina must ask the question whether it wants to be a haven for abortion or a haven for life.

We have a lot of work to do preparing our state for Roe v. Wadeโ€™s reversal, both in helping elect super-majorities to the state legislature and Supreme Court and in leading public policies that make North Carolina pro-life. If you support our continued work fighting for North Carolina's unborn, would you consider making a needed pro-life donation of $25, $50, $100, or more?

In gratitude,

Jacob Chace,
Intern, NC Values
Student, Liberty University

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