📋 He’s ignoring us.

Last week we sent you an urgent message about the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” (HR 8404), or, as we've been calling it, "The Pathway to Polygamy Bill." Not only with this dangerous bill codify same-sex marriage into federal law, it will require the federal government to recognize ANY marriage a state legalizes, even polygamy and polyamory.

The deceptively named “Respect for Marriage Act” disrespects the American people and threatens our most basic freedoms.

After passing the House with the help of 47 Republicans, the bill now needs 10 Republican votes in order to overcome a likely filibuster in the Senate.

After learning that Sen. Thom Tillis announced he might support it, we contacted him by sending a letter, and asked you to take a minute out of your busy day and let him know what you thought.

Gratefully, over 1,400 of you responded and sent an email to Senators Burr and Tillis. However, as reported in this News and Observer article, Sen. Tillis has intentionally ignored your petitions. Yesterday, the Senator said regarding the bill:

“‘I’m prepared to support it, . . . I said that last week and some people had me down as a maybe, and I said, ‘What part of, ‘I’m going to support it,’ did they not get?’ Tillis’ decision to support the bill goes against the vote of every Republican member of North Carolina’s delegation in the U.S. House last week.“

Ironically, yesterday was also the same day we released this letter cosigned by ADF and 78 other organizations. In it, we request Senate Minority Leader McConnell reject HR 8404 and urge colleagues like Sen. Tillis to abandon the harmful and unnecessary legislation. After all, as Heritage Foundation research assistant Jared Eckert warned, “If one state—just one state—recognizes polygamy as a legitimate marriage or legal marriage, then basically, the federal government has to do that.” 

It was just 10 years ago that North Carolinians voted by 61% to add language to our state Constitution recognizing that marriage is only the union between one man and one woman under the leadership of then Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis.  You have to wonder what has changed to cause Thom Tillis to abandon the voters who got him into the U.S. Senate?

While this bill is a political stunt (because same-sex marriage is already legal under the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell), it is a dangerous stunt that would empower the federal government to discriminate against people and groups who hold sincere beliefs about marriage—honorable and reasonable beliefs shared by all major faiths, cultures, and races throughout human history. This bill equips government with vast new powers to violate the constitutional freedoms of millions of Americans to speak and live according to their faith.

We now need as many of you coalition members to help dial up the volume of dissent to Senator Tillis and Senator Burr (who has yet to indicate his position on the bill). If you haven’t already done so, would you consider clicking to contact your Senators and urge them to not support the bill? It takes only a minute or two.

If you already have, would you consider sending another email given how he responded to us yesterday? Please also call their offices and talk to their staff to let them know your thoughts on the “Pathway to Polygamy” bill—HR 8404.

Tillis   (202) 224-6342
Burr   (202) 224-3154

Finally, if you are financially able, would you consider making a donation towards our expenses related to offering click-to-contact tools? As a nonprofit, we rely on your generosity to make all of our work possible.


In gratitude,

Tami Fitzgerald,
Executive Director, NC Values

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