🗳️ NC Candidates Need Your Help - Our Election Recap & Update

Many of you have called, texted, and emailed about the North Carolina election, so as the votes are still being counted, we wanted to put out this summary of what we know this afternoon:

Why the results in North Carolina are still not final:

  • The State Election Board reported they are in the process of reviewing 40,766 provisional ballots (ballots from voters who may have voted in a different precinct, were not registered but attempted to vote, or whose eligibility may be otherwise questioned).
  • Election boards across the state are also continuing to review and accept up to 116,200 absentee and overseas military ballots which must be postmarked on or before November 3rd. Under state law, these ballots would normally only be counted if they are received by tomorrow, November 6, but because of a lawsuit filed in federal court by Democrat attorneys weeks before the election, the U.S. Supreme Court has extended the deadline to November 12th. These absentee ballots were requested but have not been returned, and they include voters who voted in person instead of returning their absentee ballot. So many of these ballots will be disqualified.
  • North Carolinians will not know the final outcome until the official county by county canvassing on November 13th. It is worth noting that not all the provisional ballots will end up counting in this election. In 2016 voters cast about 60,000 provisional ballots, more than half of which weren’t counted.

Where the candidates stand right now:

  • President Trump continues to lead in North Carolina by 76,701 votes, though it’s a very close race here in North Carolina. The race is expected to get closer as absentee ballots are received and accepted and provisional ballots are counted.
  • Senator Thom Tillis is currently ahead by 96,707 votes in the official count, as well. Because of the outstanding absentee ballots, no official winner has been called. Senator Tillis earned our endorsement for his reliable pro-life and judiciary committee work in the Senate, and we look forward to celebrating his victory.
  • Republican majorities were maintained in the North Carolina House and Senate, with Republicans picking up four seats in the House and losing only one seat in the Senate. The North Carolina Values Coalition congratulates Senator Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore for maintaining conservative majorities in the North Carolina House and Senate. Conservatives in the General Assembly have made monumental gains over the last 10 years, eliminating state budget deficits, state unemployment security deficits, highway trust fund deficits, and mounds of bureaucratic regulations that strangled business and growth of the state’s economy. They did this, while also advancing family values, life, religious freedom, and school choice, which has allowed the foundation of our culture—the family—to thrive. Conservative leadership has brought about one of the most prosperous and family-friendly cultures in our state’s history, making North Carolina a top state to live and work. 86% of candidates endorsed by NC Values Coalition won their legislative races in the State House, and 93% of endorsed candidates in the State Senate were victorious. These are critically important victories to check the progressive policies of Governor Roy Cooper and the Democrats.
  • We congratulate our endorsed candidates for the Council of State--Mark Robinson who won the Lt. Governor’s race, Dale Folwell who won re-election as State Treasurer, Josh Dobson who won the Commissioner of Labor race, and Catherine Truitt who won the Superintendent of Public Instruction race. We are also deeply dismayed that North Carolina voters failed to elect Dan Forest to the Governor’s office, E.C. Sykes as Secretary of State, and Jim O’Neill as Attorney General (although this race could well move into the win column as votes continue to be counted). We can only trust in God’s timeline and that each of these great men has a future leadership role in our State.
  • Your conservative votes helped all our conservative endorsed appellate judicial candidates win their races. However, all eyes are on the race for Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, where Justice Paul Newby is holding onto a vote margin of just over 3,000 votes. Please pray for him to maintain his lead. We also congratulate Phil Berger, Jr. and Tamara Barringer for winning seats on the Supreme Court as Associate Justices. This begins to bring the state’s highest court into balance so that the conservative legal principles embodied in our State’s Constitution and laws are not eroded by activism on the high court. We also congratulate April Wood, Fred Gore, Chris Dillon, Jeff Carpenter, and Jefferson Griffin who won election to the North Carolina Court of Appeals.
  • We also rejoice in the re-election of our amazing and talented North Carolina Congressional delegation: Dan Bishop, Dr. Greg Murphy, Virginia Foxx, David Rouzer, Richard Hudson, Patrick McHenry, and Ted Budd. Thankfully, they will be joined by the youngest member of Congress, Madison Cawthorn, who won election in the 11th Congressional District. Congratulations to all of our amazing conservative Congressmen.

The bottom line is that we continue to be optimistic and very determined. While attorneys are engaged in what may be a prolonged legal battle in several key races, we ask that you first pray for our state. We look forward to our work next year with the General Assembly to see even more conservative values advanced into law so that North Carolina is known far and wide as the state where faith, family, and freedom thrive.

We Need Your Help!

I also ask you to consider volunteering to help us across the state. We need volunteers right now across the state to help contact voters, research, and discover potential fraud in absentee ballots and same-day voter registrations in some of these too-close-to-call races. If you are an attorney, we especially need your assistanceWill you volunteer your time or donate funds to help us ensure the highest level of integrity and transparency is achieved in the 2020 election?

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