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Recently a compromise settlement negotiated by Governor Cooper and approved by a federal judge opened more public bathrooms to transgender individuals. As you may now be aware, the consent order continues Governor Cooper’s bathroom plan that he announced as an executive order at the beginning of his term. In government buildings controlled by his executive agencies, individuals can continue to use public bathrooms that match their gender identity.

Normally, it's impolite to say "I told you so," but we think this incident demands it. 


Because we have been warning about an important slippery slope for many years now; and we're seeing it play out right before our eyes. Our society is spiraling off into a confused cultural chaos. Do you remember just a couple years ago when we were claiming that gay marriage would lead to a slippery slope of confused sexual identities and attacks against the first amendment and our religious liberty? 

The slippery slope we warned about is real. Just take the three incidents pictured above:
  • All over the country, public schools are hosting drag queen story hours where adult performers with X-rated performer names are reading LGBTQ stories to kids. In one incident, the reader was found out to be a sex offender.
  • 11 year old boys are being encouraged by their parents to dress up in drag, dance seductively onstage, and collect dollar bills from adult men watching. 
  • In Canada, a transgender who was born male and still has his genitals is targeting, reporting, and putting women out of business on discrimination allegations because they refuse—for moral, professional, and religious reasons—to wax his genitals. This same man has also advocated for topless pool parties for LGBTQ youth 12 and up that bar parents from attending, and is also well documented displaying predatory behavior to little girls in locker rooms. 
Bizarre incidents continue to reinvent themselves at an alarming and dizzying pace. The culture is confused, and it tells you that this is simply the new normal.

But this is the cultural slippery slope that we warned about. We live in a confused culture that wants to tell you that people can choose their bathrooms regardless of a girl's right to privacy and safety. We are witnessing transgenders utilize their post-puberty biological advantages to unfairly compete in women's sports; we're seeing the Governor open bathrooms to opposite genders; we're seeing pornographic sex taught to kids in middle school, and much more.

This will continue unless you do something about it, and organizations like the NC Values Coalition exist to push back by protecting the privacy and innocence of all our children.

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    commented on ⚠️ Slippery slope... 2019-08-16 18:02:59 -0400
    “We live in a confused culture that wants to tell you that people can choose their bathrooms regardless of a girl’s right to privacy and safety.”

    It’s sad but true. And it’s NOT just girls who are affected either. We should also be concerned for boys’ rights. Many boys and men have a sense of decency and privacy too. There are multiple instances I could bring up of male students having their privacy violated.

    Take for instance, the Boyertown Area School District, who without informing parents or students, opened its high school locker rooms and restrooms to students of the opposite sex based on those students’ beliefs about their gender. There were male students who learned of their schools’ policy while they were undressing in their locker room and discovered that a female student was changing clothes with them. The boys were embarrassed and confused and sought help from school officials. Yet the school officials told the boys to “tolerate it.”

    Well they shouldn’t have to. EVERY student ought to have the right to bodily privacy. Girls matter. So do boys. Let’s care and let’s care enough to act.