🚨 They don't learn: another identity activity discovered in Apex

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Last week, we were reminded that our fight to protect student and parental privacy rights at our public schools is FAR from over.

Although the WCPSS sent a letter to teachers reminding them of the laws against conducting student surveys that asked for private information such as sexuality and religion, last week we learned about an incident from parents at Apex Middle School where students conducted an activity similar to the stick figure survey that outraged parents across our state. 

An AMS counselor confirmed to a parent that the activity was performed, and claimed that it was an anti-bullying activity mandated by the district's education standards. However, when parents made an information request, they found out that the activity was actually conducted by a non-profit group called Interact, and focused on gender identity and fluidity (both of which are NOT part of the state's educational standards).

The parents received an example of the gingerbread "person" activity below, which is remarkably similar to the Heritage High School gender identity stick figure and Charlotte gingerbread "person" activities that we reported on before, and which generated the ire of parents across the state:

Apex Middle School Gingerbread "Person" Assignment

The papers were picked up by two women from the Interact group, and the women proceeded to make a presentation where they told the kids to get into groups of four. Students were then handed out index cards labeled either "men" or "women." They were instructed not to flip the cards over, and were told to list on a separate piece of paper all the gender stereotypes they could think of. Students were then instructed to write down the answers from their group on the board. 

Once all the answers were written down, the women asked the students to raise their hands and read their responses. When one student noted people could have genders that were not assigned at birth, the presenters agreed enthusiastically. They were then asked to flip the cards over, which contained photos of celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres. 

They were then asked if the photos of the individuals matched the "stereotype" of the "men" and "women" labels on the cards.

Pictured below is an example of the goals and messaging of the group who oversaw the activity:


This assignment is just another example of how inappropriate and privacy invasive assignments that push a radical gender identity agenda are being conducted in classes across our state under the disguise of "bullying" curriculum.

If you haven't already, we need you to take a minute and conduct this two question survey, and ask your child or grandchild's teachers if they are teaching the Social Justice Standards in their classrooms: https://www.ncvalues.org/social_justice 

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Tami Fitzgerald
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