🧮 This social justice math doesn't add up

Many parents across our state are returning their children back to school this week. Among these parents is a growing concern as to the contents of their children's education, and whether they are being subjected to indoctrination.

Almost daily, there seems to be a new reported incident where educators and school boards attempt to circumvent the God-given authority of parents by politicizing their access to our children.

When we point out the grievances made by parents, we often find the reaction of LGBT/Equity/Social Justice proponents in our state to be something to the effect of "You're exaggerating;" "teachers are not indoctrinating students;" and even "maybe in New York, but that doesn't happen in North Carolina."

That couldn't be further from the truth! This epidemic of indoctrination is occurring not just across our nation, but across our state. Our team at NC Values have seen it with our own eyes first hand.

For example, check out the homework done by stellar investigative reporter A. P. Dillon in her recent North State Journal article entitled: "New Wake schools’ diversity leader presented on ‘social justice’ in high school math." In it, Dillon points out that Wake County's new Office of Equity leader Dr. William Chavis—who is getting paid $129,000 a year—presented on “culturally responsive teaching and social justice in high school mathematics classrooms” in 2021 at N.C. State University.

Or, in other words, how to use math to advance social justice and indoctrinate students to left-biased political action. We could summarize it further, but the slides really speak for themselves.

Ask yourself: Is this what math looks like? No, it does not.

Perhaps you're a concerned mama, papa, grandmama, or grandpapa bear worried about what is going on in our schools. Perhaps you're also wondering what you can do to help. Here are two ways you can aid us in protecting childhood innocence this back-to-school week:

    1. We invite you to download this free copy of our guide entitled the "Mama Bear Manual." In it we have collected a number of directives and resources towards identifying harmful indoctrination in schools, and developing strategies to defeat them.
  2. DONATE:
    1. If you support our work defending the rights of parents to oversee their child's education, we invite you to consider making a donation of $25, $50, or $100, or more today by clicking here.

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Tami Fitzgerald
North Carolina Values Coalition


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