๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Tomorrow's Bootcamp speakers:

(Time left to register for our School Board Bootcamp event.)

Less than 24 hours remain until our first School Board Bootcamp event kicks off in Raleigh. We've assembled an awesome group of speakers, and wanted to introduce you to some of the individuals you'll be hearing from at tomorrow's event:

Speakers will address a wide range of school board and election topics, such as:

  • What itโ€™s like to serve on a school board, as presented by actual school board members
  • Challenges facing schools like CRT, gender ideology, sex ed, and enrollment decline
  • How to run a campaign for school board
  • How to support candidates for school board, including conservative voter guides, parent activism, and PACโ€™s

Whether itโ€™s equipping you to run for the school board, becoming an activist that holds your school board accountable, or supporting great candidates for school board, these Bootcamps are for everyone!

You still have time to register to attend tomorrow's event in Raleigh, or Thursday's event in Mooresville. Lunch will be provided. To learn more, visit: ncvalues.org/bootcamp.


Tami Fitzgerald
NC Values

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