🏫 Wanting a voice in your children's education?


Are you wanting a voice in your child or grandchild's education?

On February 9th and 10th, we are partnering with Family Research Council Action to host two FREE SCHOOL BOARD BOOTCAMPS in Raleigh and Mooresville designed to educate and equip you to make a difference in your local school board.

Whether it’s equipping you to run for the school board, become an activist that holds your school board accountable, or supporting great candidates for school board, these Bootcamps are for everyone! Topics will include:

  • What it’s like to serve on a school board presented by actual school board members
  • Challenges facing schools like CRT, gender ideology, sex ed, and enrollment decline
  • How to run a campaign for school board
  • How to support candidates for school board, including conservative voter guides, parent activism, and PAC’s

Now—more than ever—our children need your help in cultivating an education environment that focuses exactly on that: educating. Rather than focusing on teaching those academic fields which contribute to our state's flourishing and future professional productivity, our education system is rotting at the hands of activists who prioritize their left-wing political agendas over our pupils.

As if the pandemic hadn't sapped precious time and resources from our children already, they must now juggle their responsibilities with divisive and distracting indoctrination, like "critical race theory," "comprehensive sex ed curriculum," "social emotional learning," "transgender ideology," and "social justice standards." Activists are targeting our vulnerable children, and we must stand up and put a stop to it. The most effective solution is electing school boards that reflect our values.

Many times we will hear from you, our supporters, who ask: "What can I do about this?"

While there are times for donations, and times for engagement campaigns, perhaps now is the time for you to consider rolling your sleeves up, running for school board, helping other candidates run, and working to free our schools from the oppressive onslaught of harmful curriculum and policies that keep our students from receiving a quality education. Surely, school boards across our State can benefit from the cultivated contributions of parents and grandparents like you. We encourage you to bring a carload of concerned activists from your community to Raleigh or Mooresville on February 9th and 10th and take action to take back our schools!

If you feel a passion to run for school board or to elect a slate of school board members who share your values, then we want to invite you to these two free events. See the flyer below for more info, and click it to RSVP:


Tami Fitzgerald
NC Values

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