Statement on Confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett

"The confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court is a fulfillment of President Trump’s promise to appoint pro-life judges who will carry out the Constitution and laws as written, without contorting the law to reach a desired outcome.  There is no one more qualified to sit on the Supreme Court than Justice Barrett.  In addition to her originalist and textualist judicial philosophy, what makes her so appealing is her sincere Christian faith and her devotion to her family as the most important thing in her life.  Having a mother of 7 serve in such a high-profile office is proof that women don’t need abortion to succeed in life.  We will pray for Justice Barrett and her family as she undertakes the monumental task of administering justice in the top court in the world.”

- Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director at NC Values Coalition                                      

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