NC Values Statement on ACC and Senator Barringer

NC Values Coalition Statement on ACC and State Senator Tamara Barringer's Call to Repeal HB2: 

T Fizgerald"Today there are too many politicians willing to abandon their closely held beliefs and principles in the face of adversity. People want leaders who will stand up for what is right. How much is it worth to prevent the sexual assault of one little girl in a public bathroom or locker room? That is the question that State Senator Tamara Barringer ought to ask herself.

North Carolina has stopped a dangerous local government trend to sacrifice the safety, dignity, and privacy of our children in public bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers just to advance a progressive sexual agenda.

The ACC and NCAA announcements are an attempt to force the State of North Carolina to sacrifice our children’s safety on the altar of political correctness, and legislators who voted to stop this trend should think twice before they abandon our children." - Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of NC Values Coalition

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