AP Tells Reporters to Never Use the Term “Pro-Life”

While we are not surprised by this, many are not aware of the bias that exists within the mainstream media against the pro-life movement. Life News is reporting that the AP is instructing reporters not to use the term, "pro-life". On top of that, reporters are being instructed to avoid using the terms, "refugee" and "terrorist". This is a practice the mainstream media has been using for years.

Press statements from NC Values and op-eds submitted to the State's major newspapers in the past have been censored by reporters and editors, exchanging the term "anti-abortion" for "pro-life."  It's a shame that the very words we speak are subject to reinterpretation by the mainstream media.

Read more from Life News:

For evidence of pro-abortion bias in the mainstream media, people need look no further than the AP Stylebook, a widely-used journalism manual.

The book is a publication of the news wire the Associated Press, and almost all American journalists begin using it in college. It is widely used in print, broadcast and online news outlets to keep things like punctuation, terminology and other writing mechanics consistent.

However, politics also has drifted into the AP Stylebook, including on the abortion issue.

Fox News reports the 2017 AP Stylebook instructs journalists not to use the term “pro-life.” It also says journalists should avoid using the terms “refugee” and “terrorist.” Instead, the stylebook, like editions before it, tell journalists to use “anti-abortion.”

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