At the halfway mark; 6 more to go

We only have a couple of days left to hit our end-of-the-quarter fundraising deadline. Our online fundraising efforts are pivotal to the type of important work we do across the state. 

Honestly, we wouldn't ask you to make a financial donation if it wasn't needed; but let us assure you, your gracious contributions are essential and they go a very long way. I'm sure throughout this month, you can seen the lengths to which massive corporations and organizations go to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride month. Not only do they lend their massive influence to try and shape culture in a way that is antithetical to our values and religious freedoms, but they back that influence with financial donations to organizations and politicians who try to literally undermine your religious liberty by championing proposed legislation like the so-called "Equality Act."

This is one of the reasons we rely on your financial donations. Unlike our self-professed opponents, we do not have massive corporate financial backing. We rely on the individual donations of our coalition and NC Values team members.

Your donations determine the type of tools and support we have during our campaigns. The past 6 months have shown a number of new front-lines in the battle to protect women's privacy, children's innocence, unborn and born life, and religious liberty. 



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