Biden's first day:


During his inaugural address, President Biden told the public that he planned on becoming the president of healing and unity. However his executive priorities and orders paint a very difference picture.

In contrast to this call for unity, on his first day in office he instead signed a radically divisive executive order that imposes the LGBT and transgender agenda across our nation. The order claims its aim is "preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation," and calls on schools across the county to allow biological boys who identify as girls to participate in female sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms. 

Ironically, President Biden's new order states that "Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports." 

The absurdity here is that it completely ignores the ability for children to learn without the worry of sacrificing access to their most private and intimate spaces. Shouldn't young girls be able to learn mathematics and science without worrying that they will see their biologically male teacher in the bathroom, or be exposed to the opposite sex's genitalia in their locker room? Shouldn't young girls be able to remain competitive in their own sports?

What President Biden's first day priorities actually tell us is that children should only be able to learn from schools that advance the left's transgender ideology, or be denied access to funding via Title IX enforcement. Talk about divisive!

And this will become a theme of his presidency. When Biden speaks of a "united" America, he actually means an America united behind his anti-life, anti-family, and anti-religious liberty agenda.

So what can we really expect from Biden's administration? Every election has consequences—this one more so than others. We can expect many other divisive orders as he continues to unravel the Trump agenda and its protections on our values:

  1. Restoring federal funding for Planned Parenthood.
  2. Rescinding the Mexico City policy that prevented U.S. taxpayer dollars funding abortion groups overseas.
  3. Restoring mandates under Obamacare for employers to provide contraception to employees, even if it violates their religious beliefs.
  4. Reversing the military's transgender ban, and having the military pay for sex changes.
  5. Revoking the pro-values conscience protections of health care providers.
  6. Discriminating against Christian organizations by requiring them to adopt a pro-LGBT ideology in order to receive federal grant funding.

As discouraging as this anti-values agenda sounds—and as tempting as it may be to politically tune out after such an exhausting election cycle—now is not the time for us to sit on our hands and do nothing. 

Next week you have two opportunities to participate in virtual events that champion the values Biden now attacks: 

  1. National School Choice Week (1/24-1/30): With today’s Executive Order forcing schools to become laboratories of indoctrination, it has never been more important for parents to have the freedom to choose the best schools for their children. The NSCW is the world's largest week-long celebration of school choice, and invites participants to help raise public awareness of opportunities in education.
  2. March for Life (1/29): With Biden’s assault on the unborn ramping up, our voices for life have never been needed more than today. The March for Life is the world's largest pro-life public demonstration. Due to COVID-19 circumstances, participants this year are invited to march virtually for life January 29th.

We hope you consider making your voice heard by virtually attending these two events with us next week. Would you also consider making a $25, $50, $100, or more donation today to support our important work defending your values this year?



Tami Fitzgerald
NC Values Coalition



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