Late Term Abortion in NC?

As a society, we cannot condone infanticide in North Carolina. Who wouldn’t protect innocent newborn babies?

Governor Cooper made it clear that he wouldn’t. In his veto message of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors' Act of 2019, Governor Cooper said the situation where a baby is actually born during a failed abortion “simply does not exist.

Governor Cooper was dead wrong. There are no laws protecting newborn babies born as their mother is trying to abort them. And, this practice does exist in North Carolina.

Fortunately, a brave young abortion survivor—a young woman born when her mother attempted to abort her—has stepped forward to tell the truth. She does exist, and situations like hers really do happen in North Carolina, unlike Governor Cooper’s lie.

Do you believe North Carolina should support a New York-style late term abortion bill as proposed by top N.C. Democrats in the past?

Should North Carolina support a New York-style late term abortion bill?

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