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Protecting newborn babies should be commonsense for everyone, regardless of political party or ideology, yet we have witnessed Governor Roy Cooper not only veto a previous version of the bill—Senate Bill 359—in Spring of 2019.  He also used it to raise funds for his re-election campaign by labeling this bill an “attack on women’s rights”.   

Everyone should be able to agree that the circumstance of a child’s birth should not determine their right to life. Senate Bill 405 solidifies this truth by closing a loophole in state statutes and clarifies and codifies that any infant born alive is a legal person. The bill guarantees the right to life of baby girls and boys who born alive after a failed late-term abortion are entitled to full medical services. 

What is Jill Stanek's Testimony?

Jill Stanek is a nurse, author, and speaker who works with Susan B. Anthony List. She left her career in nursing after witnessing babies left to die painful deaths as the result of surviving an abortion. She was one of the earliest “whistle-blowers” on this gruesome practice that is well-known in the abortion industry, but little known to the public. This testimony is provided by SBA List and N.C. Values Coalition.

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What is Melissa Ohden's Testimony?

Melissa Ohden, MSW
Director, The Abortion Survivors Network

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What is Robin Pierucci's Testimony?

May 6, 2021
SB 405
Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
Testimony of Robin Pierucci, MD, MA

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