But they said HB2 would harm NC tourism...

Remember when opponents of HB2 said that common-sense bathroom privacy protections were destroying NC's economy and tourism?

Seems reality is painting a different picture, according to the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina:

- In 2016, NC visitor spending INCREASED in 97 out of 100 counties.
- In 2016, NC was the 6th most visited state (over 48 million visitors).
- in 2016, NC's visitors spent a record nearly $23 billion (4.4% higher than the year before).


It's ridiculous that opponents of HB2 wanted us to sacrifice our daughter's bathroom privacy for a dollar, and it's just as ridiculous to think that protecting these privacy rights would drive people away from our beautiful and successful state.

This is why NC Values exists. We can't let activists lie about our state, and then hope no one notices when they're proven wrong.

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