Catherine Truitt
for Superintendent of Public Instruction

For Superintendent of Public Instruction, NC Values Coalition announces our endorsement of Catherine Truitt:

Catherine Truitt

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Truitt is the first candidate in many decades who has a complete set of skills for this position of Superintendent of Public Instruction, whose job it is to oversee the State's Department of Education as it resources and leads our public schools in North Carolina.  It is very exciting that Catherine is not only highly qualified for the position, but that she also shares our values.

Catherine Truitt's service in education began as a high school English teacher, and she spent ten years in the classroom teaching at both the high school and middle school levels. Twice she was nominated for the prestigious "Teacher of the Year" award. Her last three years as a teacher were spent at West Johnston High School, where she taught English to 11th and 12th-grade students. During her time there she created a new Media Literacy elective, a 21st Century Skills course.

After that, Catherine Truitt worked with the International Center for Leadership in Education, where she worked with underperforming school districts as a school turnaround coach. In this role, she collaborated with principals and department chairs to craft plans to close the achievement gap for all students and worked to develop whole-district transformation initiatives. Truitt also served as a mentor for teachers in Kindergarten through 12th Grade, helping them develop strategies to keep students engaged and learning.

Governor Pat McCrory appointed Catherine Truitt to serve as his Senior Advisor on Education in 2015. In this capacity, she was tasked with developing strategic state education policy goals for ages 0-20. It was in this position that Catherine worked not only with k-12 schools around the State but also with the Community College System and the UNC System.  She learned the needs and deficits of public education in grades K-12 by working with the leaders of the institutions of higher education in our state.

Catherine Truitt presently serves as Chancellor of non-profit Western Governors University North Carolina (WGU NC). As Chancellor, she focuses on increasing access to higher education for the 1.5 million North Carolinians with some college but no degree. Truitt and WGU NC collaborate with community colleges, hospitals, school districts, local workforce boards, and IT centers to ensure that state workforce demands and employer education needs are being met. Catherine is running against Jen Mangrum. 

We can't think of anyone better to fill the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction than Catherine Truitt, and it is with great enthusiasm that we endorse her for that position! Watch our interview above, we believe you will see why she is the only qualified candidate in the race for this position.




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