Two critical law proposals

As I mentioned on the phone earlier in Jan. - 1. Sponsor legislative proposal that (a) affirms parents, then local school/district as primary guiders of children's education, (b) bans implementation of materials from 3rd parties (other than state approved materials) in NC schools without a school or district first (a) informing all parents of the materials under consideration from 3rd parties , (b) providing session(s) for parents to be introduced to and discuss the materials, and then (c) vote to approve use of (or not) the materials in their school. Outside 3rd parties should not be able to have their materials taught to students without express parent approval in each school. 2. Also, support my proposal previously submitted to NC legislators to enact a "Liberty Preservation Act". Our Liberty is being destroyed by illegitimate "non-discrimination" laws. Unlike Liberty, discrimination is NOT a constitutional principle. Liberty is our constitutional right TO discrimination as individuals (persons and entities such as a business). The ONLY form of discrimination government has authority to address is what I call "societal"/governmental discrimination, because that is the only form that denies Liberty (as it did before 1964 Civil Rights Law for Black People). That distinction between "individual" and "societal/governmental" discrimination is critical to preserving Liberty "for all" and needs to be coded into law to stop the assault on all Liberty. I can provide a copy of the proposal and more detail, examples. I believe both of the above items of proposed legislation are critical and should be made known to all NCValues Supporters as well as the legislature.

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