CMS Plans to Teach Jacob's New Dress Halted After Hearing Concerns


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NC Values Coalition Statement on CMS Attempt to Mandate Transgender Curriculum in April

As Charlotte’s City Council passed an outrageous ordinance last year that made it necessary for the State to correct the mistake with HB2, Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools was working on rolling out a new anti-bullying policy that seeks to indoctrinate students in the school district by normalizing transgender behavior. Both Charlotte’s ordinance and the CMS transgender indoctrination were advanced by the Human Rights Campaign, a national LGBT activist group, in conjunction with its NC affiliates, Equality NC and Time Out Youth. They provided the curriculum, the training, and the lesson plans for mandated transgender training for our children, complete with the Gender Unicorn, all while the Bank of America funded the program and the groups that support it.

The purpose of our elementary schools is to teach writing, reading and arithmetic not to encourage boys to wear dresses. CMS is failing our children; in the recent 2016 state academic ratings, 43 of 165 CMS schools achieved overall pass rates below 50% and a majority (59%) earned a grade of C or below when measuring student proficiency and growth. These lessons found in the book, Jacob's New Dress and My Princess Boy and other transgender curriculum are not appropriate for any child whose parents support traditional family values. There is no question that this attempt by CMS staff to mandated training is nothing more than putting a dress on CMS’s Gender Unicorn. We encourage CMS to refocus on their mission of maximizing academic achievement instead of advancing this controversial curriculum.


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    commented on Jacob's New Dress 2019-05-04 10:22:29 -0400
    A school’s purpose is to educate young minds to teach them classes like math, science, and English. I think the focus on specialty groups like transgender curriculum takes away from what is important in school for these children. Outside of the mental education and attention towards physical education in school, there are valid concerns on transgender people (like transgender female individuals). They may have an unfair athletic advantage in certain sports pushing a well qualified female student from getting the sports scholarship she may have earned otherwise. I think our school systems should focus on education and not genders in their curriculum. I also think there should be some other considerations based on physical ability differences. -Jennifer, with