⚠️ CMS needs to hear from you, right now.

Here we go again. Last week, the Charlotte Mecklenburg School board had their first meeting. The members of the CMS school board had a great opportunity to set the tone for the semester and address a number of problems Charlotte schools are facing with lagging performance and declining attendance.

So what did they decide to do on their first day? They decided to try and sneak through yet another attempt to rob parents of their rights to teach their kids about sensitive moral questions. 

Now, they're trying to rob parents of their rights by pushing a LGBT political agenda under the cover of multiculturalism. They want to change the school board's multiculturalism policy by adding the terms ‘gender/gender identity/expression, sexual orientation,’ to the policy so they can “intentionally incorporate diversity throughout the curriculum, instruction, and professional development” on these topics. That means that the policy will allow CMS to adopt curriculum with which they instruct our children in every subject that affirms and promotes homosexuality and transgenderism.

The CMS school board is meeting this Tuesday to vote on their proposed changes. We need you to:

  1. ⚠️  Contact CMS Online: We need you to take a minute right now to use the click-to-contact and click-to-call tool to the right to contact the CMS school board, and let them know you oppose any attempt to take away the rights of parents to teach their kids about sensitive topics related to sex and sexuality.
  2. ⚠️  Contact CMS In Person: We need you to attend the board meeting by arriving at 4:30pm on Tuesday, January 23rd, at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center, 600 East Fourth Street, Charlotte NC! To speak at the Board meeting, people must sign up in advance by calling this number (980) 343-5139. We need as many people as possible to speak at the Board meeting, and so people should plan now by calling the number and leaving the information requested.

We only have a couple days to make our voices heard. Can you contact the school board right now?