NC Values Coalition Statement on CMS Student Survey.

Parents Tell Story of Forced Participation in School Survey  

"There is no justification for any school or teacher to ask a child as young as 10-years-old about their sexual preference and gender identify. Many children have no idea what these terms even mean, and many parents object to the idea of the school either introducing these sensitive concepts or collecting data about their child with regard to them. CMS parents want to know why Superintendent Earnest Winston or the school board thought it was wise to focus on gender fluidity when 42 CMS schools are on North Carolina’s low-performing schools list. Schools in Mecklenburg County should focus more effort on core academic subjects and less time on social experimentation.  What business do schools have asking about a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity?””

          - Tami Fitzgerald, NC Values Coalition Executive Director                      

  • CMS released an annual student survey last week.  For the first time this year the district included three questions about gender identity and sexual orientation. Parents immediately reacted negatively. 


  • 20 U.S. Code § 1232h [Protection of Pupil Rights] requires participation to be voluntary when surveying on issues such as sexual behavior or attitudes; family relationships, religious practices, and socioeconomic status. However, parents report students did not clearly understand they could opt out. Parent Erin Casey says, “My 5th grader was made to complete it and says his teacher ’was yelling at us  ‘to do it.”  That is a violation of federal law. 


  • If a teacher was distributing a survey from central office, how were students informed the survey was optional? Did CMS staff verbally provide those instructions in addition to a written statement on the top of the survey instructing students that participation was optional?  Social Media reports are showing the survey was not optional and participation was required.  That is a violation of federal law.


Parents should be outraged with the survey to students as young as ten-years-old. Why exactly were these three questions about gender identity and sexual preference included?  The track record is clear that CMS has a hidden agenda: 

  • This is the same district that attempted to provide curriculum, training, and lesson plans that mandated transgender training for our children, complete with the Gender Unicorn and Jacob’s New Dress until parents halted the efforts.
  • The same district that rolled out welcoming schools curriculum in their elementary schools in partnership with Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC.
  • The same district that adopted a revised multiculturalism policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in every area of the district’s curriculum.
  • The same district that partnered with Time Out Youth and Equality NC to educate teachers and staff on rolling out LGBTQ programs in the district’s middle schools and high schools.

It is clear that the intention of the Mecklenburg Schools is to continue their campaign to indoctrinate the children in Mecklenburg County with LGBT ideologies.  



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