Congressman Mark Walker honored the NC Values Coalition at our Raleigh reception

Last Thursday evening Congressman Mark Walker honored the NC Values Coalition at our Raleigh reception. Take a look at what he shared with us... 

He and his wife Kellie have been local to Greensboro for about 30 years and are raising their three children, Ryan, Rachel, and Anna Claire (pictured below). Walker shared that his early career in business and financial management ended when he felt God’s call to go into ministry. Then, in 2014, when Howard Coble retired from Congress, he felt the Lord leading him to run for Congress. Although he was unknown in political circles, he had a great team who ran an awesome ground game, and he ended up winning.


Congressman Walker was elected by his Republican colleagues as the Chairman of the 157-member Republican Study Committee in Congress, which is the largest caucus of Republicans in Congress. He is also the co-Chairman of the Legislative Prayer Caucus, which meets every Monday evening in the U.S. Capitol to pray over our nation and the business of Congress.

When it comes to current issues and climate, he shared disappointment around challenges of agreement, especially in the areas of tax reform and an Obamacare repeal deal. He also shared good reports of the Trump administration in fulfilling its campaign promises. In fact, the Trump administration has ended up advancing the pro-life cause more than any other president. He also praised the NC Values Coalition for its work on pro-life issues, marriage and family issues, and religious freedom, values to which he is deeply committed.

We are very privileged to have close relationships with our North Carolina delegation to Congress, and it one of the reasons we are able to effectively advance legislation that protects life, encourages marriage and families, and sustains our religious freedom. If you weren’t able to attend the event last Thursday, we still welcome your contributions to help fund our important work.

NC Values Coalition has big plans for the upcoming NC legislative session and the fall midterm elections but we operate solely on donations from people like you, and your contributions are an important part of what makes our work effective. Your donation of $1,000, $500, $250, or $100 will go a long way in keeping our team ready to act when its most important.

Thank you to those of you who have already contributed to our work and who attended last Thursday’s program or support us throughout the year. We are blessed to partner with you in making sure North Carolina is a state where human life is valued, marriages and families flourish, and religious liberty thrives.


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