Cooper Stands with Planned Parenthood

Abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood kill 332,000 unborn children a year, yet taxpayers have been forced to fund their gruesome business for years through Title X family planning grants.

Now, Attorney General Josh Stein and Governor Roy Cooper are forcing North Carolina to join states like Oregon, New York, California, Vermont, and Colorado in their lawsuit against the Trump Administration’s new Title X rule. Their actions make North Carolina the only Southern state to join a lawsuit that ensures taxpayers are forced to continue filling the coffers of the abortion industry.

We North Carolinians support the Trump administration’s Protect Life Rule, which redirects Title X family planning program funds away from the abortion industry and bars taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring patients to abortion providers. Abortion is not family planning, yet by joining the State in this lawsuit, Governor Cooper and Attorney General Stein have taken an extreme pro-abortion position that taxpayers should support abortion providers like Planned Parenthood with their tax dollars. 

Using the hard-earned tax dollars of North Carolinians to join this lawsuit makes the Governor and Attorney General enemies of the citizens by fighting against our pro-life values at a time when the latest Marist poll shows Americans are increasingly pro-life.

Would you consider taking a minute out of your day to use this click-to-contact tool to tell the Governor and Attorney General to stand with the unborn and North Carolinians, and not with Planned Parenthood and New York?

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