Press Statement on Cal Cunningham

NC Values Coalition Responds to Cal Cunningham's Extramarital Affair; Says Senate Candidate Cannot Be Trusted


"Two things are clear. If Cal Cunningham cannot be trusted to put his own family’s interests first, he can’t be trusted with your family’s interests. Also, North Carolina is the last thing on Cal Cunningham’s mind. Cal’s indiscretions are reminiscent of former Democratic Senator John Edwards. North Carolina needs an honest leader, not a home-wrecker” said Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the N. C. Values Coalition

“As the leading conservative pro-family, pro-life grassroots Christian coalition in North Carolina, we cannot sit back and ignore the sexting and infidelity of Democratic Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham. While his campaign pummels the airways with tv commercials painting himself as a trustworthy military leader with a hometown appeal and Carolina Values, he has been leading a double life with not one but two women who are not his wife, according to media reports now confirmed by his campaign."




Background: Cunningham, 47, was proudly recruited by US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. He’s a veteran, a father, a husband, a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, a lawyer, and a former state senator. 

N.C. Values Coalition is a non-partisan, statewide grassroots network of North Carolinians who support and advocate for pro-family positions. Our vision is to be a powerful positive political force that advances a culture in North Carolina where human life is valued, religious liberty thrives, and marriage & families flourish.



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