Dad And Daughter Speak Out For Girls’ Privacy As Texas Debates Trans Bathrooms

There are public schools in Texas which are now allowing transgender boys to use the girls' bathrooms. One would assume that the school spoke with the parents of these school children or at least informed them of this new policy, however that is not the case. In this instance below, the parents learned when a little girl informed her father that a boy was in her bathroom that day.

Texas is now considering privacy legislation during their special session to protect the privacy of the children attending public schools. This is why North Carolina's HB142 (bathroom privacy bill) is not enough. A standard is needed in NC, just like it is needed in Texas, because schools will take the issue into their own hands. 

More from The Federalist:

As national attention on transgender issues has fixated on proposed policy shifts in the military, a grassroots clash over emerging privacy issues is being waged in the State of Texas. On July 18, a special session of the Texas Legislature began. They focused on several legislative items, though only one proposal has generated the sort of blazing summer heat the state is known for: the Texas Privacy Act.

On July 21, a tense hearing of the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs revealed the issues and emotions surrounding the bill. Jonathan Saenz, who heads up the non-profit advocacy group Texas Values, shared his perspective with the committee, recounting how parents in small-town Dripping Springs, Tex. learned of a school board decision.

“This was one of the phone calls that we received requesting our help,” said Saenz. “In Dripping Springs, a little girl came home and told her dad, ‘Daddy, there was a boy in my bathroom today.’ That’s how parents found out about a policy change in their school!” On July 26, the Texas Privacy Act passed by a 21-10 vote of the Texas Senate and currently awaits a vote in the Texas House.

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