Dark, Indeed.

Yesterday, after the results of Georgia became apparent, we sent an email about how dark of a day it felt knowing that the power change in the Senate would mean a slew of legislation and executive actions meant to undermine our pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious liberty values. 

We would never have imagined after we sent out that email we would come to find the day grew even darker. With horror we watched as Congress was disrupted by violence when rioters overtook the hallowed halls of our nation's Capitol building. Such behavior is only worthy of our fullest condemnation. It is very much a political abomination to our Constitution, but also a spiritual violation against God per Romans 13.

Indeed, yesterday was a dark day. So dark, that like many of you it is hard to even put it into words. 

Which returns us to the point we were making in yesterday's email, which is ever germane regardless of how much darker it gets. In such dark times as this, the first step is to go to God in prayer:

LORD, what a dark day indeed! Our nation is so divided that we can hear it tearing at the seams. We can see it in the streets, and in our public square. 

We are short of words, because they seem inept at conveying the loss and lament we are feeling. So we turn to prayer, where you above all know the meanings of even our groans. 

Forgive the sins of our nation. Bring about an awakening of repentance, peace, and fellowship. Help us love one another. Protect our nation's leaders, and protect our Republic. God Bless America. Come, Lord Jesus.



Tami Fitzgerald
NC Values Coalition

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