DNC & NYC: Stop Forcing Your Values on Our State!

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Dear DNC, DC, and NYC,

For years, we have been telling the people of North Carolina that there is a concentrated effort by out-of-state activists to impose their values upon us. This has become especially obvious in the case of HB 2. While the people of North Carolina support the privacy and safety afforded to women and children by the legislation, we have seen our state smeared by the press, by sports organizations, and by radical activists. The recent Wikileaks of DNC emails reveal that this entire time, you have been orchestrating against our state. You have sought to turn an issue of privacy and safety, into one of publicity and profiteering.

The recent leaks of emails from the DNC provide objective and obvious proof that out-of-state activists are set on changing North Carolina's values. We've gone through emails and other sources, and discovered 10 individuals in particular whose work fundraising and politicking against North Carolina has been especially insulting and damaging.

We, the people of North Carolina, demand an apology for the documented attempts to undermine our state, celebrate and fundraise off the attacks against our economy, and mock our people as "backwater" "moronic" "bigots" for their support of the common-sense safety and privacy of women and children.

These 10 individuals represent some of the chief culprits of these grievances, and we request public apologies for their actions:

1. Roy Cooper Had the DNC Coordinate Fundraisers with Big NYC LGBT Donors. Has Received Maxed Donations from the Former NBA Commissioner, the CEO of Lambda Legal, and 644 Out-of-State Donations totaling $428,684.

Roy Cooper is probably the one figure on the list who needs no introduction. We're already familiar with the abdication of his duties as NC's Attorney General in campaigning against HB 2 and not defending it. Cooper's gubernatorial campaign slogan claims he is "For North Carolina." But the activities and personalities identified in the emails makes it seem like a better slogan would be "For NYC Values."

Meet donors Stephen Henderson & James LaForce. LaForce is a co-owner of the public relations firm LaForce & Stevens. When it came time to host their company Christmas party, they opted to celebrate Christ's birth at "New York's premiere leather bar." The S&M event included leather masked Santas, and men with leather dog masks (source). So what does this couple have to do with Cooper? Emails reveal a DNC Finance chair and Cooper coordinated to have a fundraiser at their home (source). Apparently Cooper thought their values and money were well spent on his vision for North Carolina.

Meet donor David Stern, former NBA Commissioner. Campaign finance reports reveal that the NBA Commissioner donated the maximum amount allowed to Cooper (source). The donation also came a month before the announcement that the NBA was pulling the All Star game out of Charlotte. This is not the only evidence that the NBA's decision was the result of political bullying. Their announcement was also timed during the Republican Convention, no doubt a move made for political gain. There is even talk that they are targeting the ACC next.

Meet Rachel Tiven, the CEO of Lambda Legal. Tiven also donated the maximum amount allowed to Cooper (source). What makes this donation interesting is that Lambda Legal is involved in the HB 2 related lawsuit, Carcaño v. McCrory. The fact that the current sitting attorney general is accepting donations from someone suing the state of North Carolina is mind-boggling.

Finally, meet 644 of Cooper's out-of-state donors. The top out of state donations to Cooper's campaign came from 277 donors in New York that totaled to $276,930. Second was California with 231 donations totaling $93,073, and third was Washington D.C. with 136 donations totaling $58,681. We can assure you these donors are not donating to Cooper's campaign because they are "For" North Carolina, but because they are "For" a North Carolina with NYC, California, and Washington D.C. values.

2. New York Governor Cuomo wants to impose NY Values on NC Through the Courts 

Not only is there an effort by NYC, California, and Washington D.C. donors to change North Carolina's values by funding Cooper's campaign, but there is also an effort to enforce their values through the courts. We just learned that the Special Counsel to the Solicitor General of the state of NY made notice of an appearance on behalf of Holly Thomas to file a brief opposing HB2's commonsense privacy and safety protections on behalf of liberal states such as NY, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Vermont, and D.C. in the case United Stated of America v. State of North Carolina. If they can't win through elections or public opinion, they'll resort to judicial activism.

This behavior is typical of the all-out attack North Carolina has experienced from New York Governor Cuomo. Cuomo not only instituted a ban on non-essential travel to NC in March, but also ran ads in NC in June to try and lure companies to leave to NY. This behavior led him to being the subject of a Hatch Act complaint for trying to influence NC's elections. 

3. DNC Finance Chair Directed National Donors to Cooper, Claimed Defeating HB 2 His "Passion Project" 

Meet Zach Allen, a DNC Fundraiser and Finance Chair who coordinated the Cooper fundraiser in NY, and whose work against HB 2 became his self-confessed "passion project". In the emails, we learn not only that Allen directed national Democratic donors to contribute to Roy Cooper (source), but that he actually took on additional work to help Cooper. In a response with a peer, he apologizes for needing to postpone an event because he was now too busy helping Cooper. As he states in the email: “For what it’s worth, it’s for a good cause – working to elect NC AG Roy Cooper to defeat Gov. Pat McCrory, he of the now (in)famous bathroom bill. It’s a passion project, but it’s a LOT of legwork.”

4. DNC Director of Broadcast Media Crafts "Hit Piece" Against McCory, Calls HB 2 Supporters "Moronic," "Little Bigot," "Pro-Prejudice Backwater," and Epic Failures as Human Beings 

Meet Pablo Manriquez, DNC's Director of Broadcast Media. Manriquez calls for a hit piece against the "Moronic Little Bigot of a Tarheel Governor." He appeals to the liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow to push the DNC's anti-HB 2 messaging, and calls supporters of HB 2 "pro-prejudice backwater" (source).

5. DNC Communications Strategist Pushed National Attack Against NC and False Revenue Loss to National Press 

Meet Deshundr Jefferson, DNC Southern Regional Communications Director. In one email, Jefferson pushed a national attack against NC's HB 2 to the DNC's communications team (source). In another email, Jefferson is caught pushing the false narrative of revenue loss to the DNC's lists and the national press (source).

6. DNC Deputy Director of Regional and Specialty Media Celebrated Concert and Economic Harm, Calling them "Delicious" and "Great." Pushed Anti-HB 2 Messages on Social 

Meet TJ Helmstetter, DNC Deputy Director of Regional and Specialty Media. Helmstetter's dedication to LGBT causes run deep, including selection as honoree from the Pride Network for his work with Garden State Equality. Emails reveal Helmstetter led the DNC's anti-NC and anti-HB 2 campaigns on social media (source). Emails also reveal his disgusting reaction to the cancelation of concerts and jobs caused by their interference in our state. Helmstetter called them "delicious" and "great" (source). 

Perhaps most disturbing is an article he shared with DNC communication staffers. The article comes from Vox, and it tries to justify attempts by the Obama administration to get involved in North Carolina's affairs. Helmstetter shared this with his peers: "it makes sense for the federal government - which has historically done this when states fail - to intervene, especially in schools the federal government funds. That's exactly what happened" (source).

7. DNC's LGBT Engagement Director Pushed Anti-NC and Anti-HB 2 Messaging to the DNC's National LGBT Lists 

Meet Sean Meloy, DNC's LGBT Engagement Director. Meloy was active in pushing an anti-NC message to the DNC's LGBT audiences and lists. In one such push, he tells LGBT donors and activists: "I wanted to make sure you saw this article on how bad the Republican pushed anti-LGBT HB2 is for Charlotte and North Carolina overall” (source).

8. DNC's Communications Staffer Celebrates NC's Loss of Concerts and Jobs, Calling it "Awesome" 

Meet Andy Crystal, DNC's Communications Staffer. Crystal sought to push Anti-NC messages to national media and pro-LGBT groups. Crystal's response to the news of a Pearl Jam concert cancellation is also revolting. Crystal claims it was "awesome," even though the result of her political bullying harms every day Carolinians (source). 

9. DNC Press Assistant Sought To Capitalize Politically off HB 2 by Targeting NC Companies 

Meet Rachel Palermo, DNC Press Assistant. In an email circulated to DNC staffers, Palermo lists strategies to utilize during the RNC convention. One consisted of sending letters and targeting major companies in North Carolina, and using HB 2 to get them to invest in the DNC (source).

10. DNC Communications Teams Distributed Anti-NC Anti-HB 2 Talking Points to Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz 

Meet Debbie Wasserman Shultz, disgraced former DNC Chairwoman. DNC communication staffers prepared for her anti-HB 2 and anti-NC talking points (source). This evidence shows that the DNC's efforts to impose their values on North Carolina were a multi-leveled affair.


The range of directors and personalities shows conclusively a concerted attack on North Carolina's values, and an attempt to instead impose DNC values. Whether it is coming from DNC communications staffers, NY Special Counsel to the Solicitor General, LGBT Big Donors, or Roy Cooper himself, the emails revealed a concerted political, judicial, and media effort to attack North Carolina's values. They not only slandered our state, and called HB 2 supporters "backwater" "bigoted" "morons", but they also sought to fundraise off of the lost jobs and canceled concerts that were a direct result of their politicking.

The DNC has worked hard to cause economic harm to NC. Fortunately, their efforts have largely failed, with North Carolina recently announcing a $425m revenue surplus, and coveted #5 ranking in CNBC's annual top states for business. Most people in NC also remain convinced that allowing grown men to go to the bathroom, shower, and use locker rooms with young girls is just not a good idea. 

We request the DNC take themselves out of our affairs, and apologize for the harmful actions taken against our state and its people.



The People of North Carolina

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