American Board of Pediatrics - Adolescent Medicine Policies

I recently learned, and have confirmed with others, that the American Board of Pediatrics has a policy regarding teenagers being independent sexual agents when they reach a certain age (I think it's 15). Doctors often ask the parents to leave the room, and they have a talk with the teens where they tell them that they don't have to listen to anything their parents tell them about sex. The ABP is committed to providing underage minors with birth control, etc. You can read about it here: I think that parents have no idea that this is taking place. And, it is a clear usurping of the parent's authority and rights. Myself and a number of my friends have been very trouble by this. One mother I know was not asked to leave the room, and she was just shocked by the things the doctor said to her daughter. I really believe this needs to be investigated further and brought out into the open on a national level. Thank you for your consideration.

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