NC Values Coalition 2020 Endorsements

North Carolina Values Coalition is proud to announce our endorsement of candidates for Congress, Governor, North Carolina Council of State, North Carolina General Assembly, and judicial candidates for Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for the upcoming 2020 elections. Each year our coalition works toward advancing public policies that protect and promote family values by educating voters about the best pro-family candidates for public office.

This year our team evaluated candidates using multiple factors, including responses to a questionnaire, candidate interviews, public position statements, and past voting records. We found these men and women to be the best candidates to stand strong in Raleigh, Washington for family values like protecting life, advancing religious freedoms, promoting school choice, and ensuring privacy and safety for our children.

Our team at NC Values Coalition is endorsing these legislative and Congressional candidates because we believe they share our family values and they are the best choice to produce pro-family public policies to positively impact the culture in our state. These men and women have affirmed to us their strong commitment to defending family values as our elected officials and they have earned our endorsement.

We are endorsing these judicial candidates, because we believe they will base their decisions on the Constitution and will not legislate from the bench. They have demonstrated their adherence to constitutionalism and have earned our endorsement.

President / Vice President Donald J. Trump / Michael Pence (I)
US Senator Thom Tillis (I)
Congress US Representative 1 Sandy Smith
Congress US Representative 3 Gregory Murphy (I)
Congress US Representative 5 Virginia Foxx (I)
Congress US Representative 6 Lee Haywood
Congress US Representative 7 David Rouzer (I)
Congress US Representative 8 Richard Hudson (I)
Congress US Representative 9 Dan Bishop (I)
Congress US Representative 10 Patrick McHenry (I)
Congress US Representative 11 Madison Cawthorn
Congress US Representative 13 Ted Budd (I)
Governor Dan Forest
Lt. Governor Mark Robinson
Secretary of State E.C. Sykes
Attorney General Jim O'Neill
Treasurer Dale R. Folwell (I)
Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt
Commissioner of Labor Josh Dobson
Supreme Court Justice - Seat 1 Paul Newby
Supreme Court Justice - Seat 2 Phil Berger, Jr.
Supreme Court Justice - Seat 4 Tamara Barringer
Court of Appeals - Seat 4 April C. Wood
Court of Appeals - Seat 5 Fred Gore
Court of Appeals - Seat 6 Chris Dillon (I)
Court of Appeals - Seat 7 Jeff Carpenter
Court of Appeals - Seat 13 Jefferson G. Griffin
State Senate 1 Bob Steinburg (I)
State Senate 2 Norman Sanderson (I)
State Senate 7 Jim Perry (I)
State Senate 9 Michael Lee
State Senate 10 Brent Jackson (I)
State Senate 11 Lisa Stone Barnes(I)
State Senate 12 Jim Burgin (I)
State Senate 13 Danny Earl Britt (I)
State Senate 19 Wesley Meredith
State Senate 24 Amy Galey
State Senate 25 Tom McInnis (I)
State Senate 29 Steve Jarvis
State Senate 30 Phil Berger (I)
State Senate 31 Joyce Krawiec (I)
State Senate 33 Carl Ford (I)
State Senate 34 Vickie Sawyer (I)
State Senate 35 Todd Johnson (I)
State Senate 36 Paul Newton (I)
State Senate 37 Sonja Nichols
State Senate 42 H. Dean Proctor
State Senate 43 Kathy Harrington (I)
State Senate 44 Ted Alexander (I)
State Senate 45 Deanna Ballard (I)
State Senate 46 Warren Daniel (I)
State Senate 47 Ralph Hise (I)
State Senate 48 Chuck Edwards (I)
State Senate 50 Kevin Corbin
State House 1 Edward C. Goodwin (I)
State House 2 Larry Yarborough (I)
State House 4 Jimmy Dixon (I)
State House 6 Bobby Hanig (I)
State House 7 Matthew Winslow
State House 10 John Bell (I)
State House 12 Chris Humphrey (I)
State House 13 Pat McElraft (I)
State House 14 George G. Cleveland (I)
State House 15 Phil Shepard (I)
State House 16 Carson Smith (I)
State House 17 Frank Iler (I)
State House 18 Warren Kennedy
State House 20 Ted Davis
State House 22 William Brisson (I)
State House 25 John Check
State House 26 Donna McDowell White (I)
State House 28 Larry C. Strickland (I)
State House 32 David Woodson
State House 33 Frann Sarpolus
State House 35 Fred Von Canon
State House 36 Kim Coley
State House 37 Erin Pare
State House 43 Diane Wheatley
State House 45 John Szoka (I)
State House 46 Brenden H. Jones (I)
State House 47 Olivia H Oxendine
State House 51 John Sauls (I)
State House 52 Jamie Boles (I)
State House 54 George Gilson Jr.
State House 55 Mark Brody (I)
State House 59 Jon Hardister (I)
State House 62 John Faircloth (I)
State House 63 Stephen Ross (I)
State House 64 Dennis Riddell (I)
State House 65 Jerry Carter (I)
State House 66 Ben Moss
State House 67 Wayne Sasser (I)
State House 68 David Willis
State House 69 Dean Arp (I)
State House 70 Pat B Hurley (I)
State House 73 Lee Zachary (I)
State House 75 Donny C Lambeth (I)
State House 76 Harry Warren (I)
State House 77 Julia Craven Howard (I)
State House 78 Allen McNeill (I)
State House 79 Keith Kidwell (I)
State House 81 Larry W Potts (I)
State House 82 Kristin Baker
State House 83 Larry Pittman (I)
State House 84 Jeffrey McNeely (I)
State House 86 Hugh Blackwell (I)
State House 87 Destin Hall (I)
State House 89 Mitchell Smith Setzer (I)
State House 90 Sarah Stevens (I)
State House 91 Kyle Hall (I)
State House 94 Jeffrey Elmore (I)
State House 96 Jay Adams (I)
State House 97 Jason R Saine (I)
State House 98 John R Bradford
State House 103 Bill Brawley
State House 108 John A Torbett (I)
State House 109 Dana Bumgardner (I)
State House 110 Kelly E Hastings (I)
State House 111 Tim Moore (I)
State House 112 David Rogers (I)
State House 113 Jake Johnson (I)
State House 117 Tim Moffitt
State House 118 Mark Pless
State House 119 Mike Clampitt

We encourage our coalition members to consider these pro-family candidates when they vote early: