Dear Equality NC,

Your most recent ad is tasteless, in violation of Facebook's advertising policy, and an insulting promotion of a stereotype you have condemned in the past. We join with some of your supporters in respectfully asking you to do the responsible thing and pull it down.

The ad irresponsibly glorifies unhealthy random sexual promiscuity in a cheap hope of failed humor and getting out the vote. Facebook's ad policies state ads are in violation of the "Adult content" clause where they include "depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative," even if "portrayed for artistic or educational reasons."

Perhaps the chief reason for you to take the ad down on your own initiative, is that you owe it to your supporters. They have been condemning the ad for being insulting, and for promoting the types of stereotypes they thought you would be fighting to oppose. In their own words:

  • "This is an affront to decades of struggle for LGBT rights and respect. . . . #wearesomuchmorethanthis" (Stuart)
  • "I think this is not an effective piece, and off-putting for many. I find it offensive." (Ellen)
  • "Not all in the LGBTQ community hookup. Really? This ad is not cool" (Tyler)
  • "ENC, this ad is in incredibly poor taste. Aside from promoting terribly irresponsible behavior, it completely reinforces one of the most pervasive stereotypes that has been used against the LGBT community as an argument that we don't DESERVE equality" (Sarah)

Will you make the mature move by pulling the ad down and apologizing to your supporters who regret you ran this stereotype-pushing and insulting video? 



Concerned Citizens.

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