Former AG Eric Holder Declares North Carolina “Ground Zero” for National Liberal Push to Takeover State Legislatures

Former Attorney General, Eric Holder, has declared North Carolina to be the "Ground Zero" of the battle for liberals to take over state legislative bodies. The reason that this is so important is that state legislatures determine where district lines are drawn every 10 years for the census. Losing the state legislature to left-wing progressives before the lines are drawn would be a disaster.

If Democrats like Eric Holder hold the keys to drawing district lines, you can expect to lose the House to radical progressives. The NC Values Coalition is working hard to ensure we elect strong candidates that share our values.

Read more from First In Freedom Daily: 

North Carolina is “ground zero” for a new national Democratic Party push to win state legislative seats around the country between now and the 2020 census, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Gov. Roy Cooper said Saturday.

These Democrats hope to counter gains Republicans secured in 2010, when a wave election swept the GOP into power not just in Congress, but in the legislatures that draw the congressional and legislative maps every 10 years.

Draw the maps, decide how voters are divvied up using computer software that knows how people tend to vote, and you can draw districts that lean so heavily left or right that the other side has little hope in a general election.

“This is the most gerrymandered state in the country,” Holder said Saturday, after headlining the North Carolina Democratic Party’s annual fundraising dinner.

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