Friday Five: Celebration event, antifa attacks congressman's son at NCSU, and more

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1. NC VALUES: 🎟️ Last week to get tickets for our Celebration event (ONLY 30 TICKETS REMAINING!)

Your friends here at NC Values wanted invite our coalition members to a unique opportunity to hear in person the amazing and inspiring story about a former Planned Parenthood employee’s journey from award winning abortion clinic director to pro-life advocate. Abby Johnson’s story, as told in the movie and book Unplanned, is one of the most compelling pro-life stories ever! We hope you will consider joining us for our November 18th dinner and event, and that you will be so inspired that you will share Abby’s inspiring pro-life story with your family and friends.

Want to learn about our keynote speaker, pro-life advocate Abby Johnson? Click here.

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2. CBN: Drag queens mimic slave-style auction with Christian effigies to promote Planned Parenthood

"In a recent fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, drag queen performers in Washington state mocked pro-life activists and local Christian pastors by parading around in cardboard cutouts of their faces to raise donations. One of the Christian activists whose face was featured says it made her feel like she had been displayed in a slave-style auction. 

The drag queens at the event were reportedly some of the same people who read books to children at the Spokane Public Library for Drag Queen Story Hour. 

Their pro-abortion fundraiser was organized by a group called Spokane United Against Religious Extremism, according to a report by The Activist Mommy."


3. THE BLAZE: Lutheran pastor's wife rejoices that transgender daughter 12 just got 'life-affirming' hormone-blocking implant

“This decision will impact public schools, employers, business owners, employees, and churches,” NC Values Coalition executive director Tami Fitzgerald warned outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday. “Blurring the binary concept of male and female detracts from the fundamental purpose of both Title VII to ensure that male and female employees have equal employment opportunities.”

"Rebekah took to Facebook late last month and declared the following: "To say that I am being abused by being allowed to live an authentic life is not only nonsense (the statistics clearly show that kids who are supported in their gender identity thrive while kids who are not supported struggle deeply), it's also a slap in the face to victims of ACTUAL abuse."


4. FOX NEWS: Pro-life group helps young mom finish college, educates students on ‘pregnant and parenting' rights

“A national pro-life group launched a campaign to inform college students who are pregnant or are already parents of their rights on campus -- and they just got to inform one mom about how they're going to help her finish school”



5. STREAM: NC State silent after fascists spray paint pro-Trump student and son of Republican Congressman

"The son of a Republican congressman was targeted and assaulted by a violent gang of socialist and communist thugs at North Carolina State University.

Jack Bishop, a 19-year-old freshman tells The Todd Starnes Show that he was attacked by about two dozen socialists and communists primarily from the Young Democratic Socialists of America.

Bishop, who is a member of the Turning Point USA chapter, had been working with other conservative students to paint messages in the university’s expression tunnel promoting an upcoming campus event.

The event, titled “Culture Wars,” featured Charlie Kirk and Lara Trump.

Bishop said the communist students arrived dressed in all black and some were hooded. He said they began to spray paint over the advertisements and got into shoving matches with the conservative kids."





LORD, on November the 18th, the NC Values Coalition will be hosting our Celebration of Carolina Values event. This event has been a year in the making, and we have contributed significant time and resources towards making sure it's as successful as possible in promoting the pro-life message and pro-life laws in our state.

LORD, we come to you as a community in prayer for the following needs:
  • That all the complicated logistics behind planning such an event come together.
  • That the members of our team and our keynote speaker, pro-life advocate Abby Johnson, continue to have good health and are shielded from any health or transportation complications.
  • That our event sells out, and that attendees are moved towards charitable giving that equips our coalition with the resources needed to continue fighting for your pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-religious liberty values.
  • That people who attend and those who just hear about the event afterwards will have a fuller understanding of the humanity of unborn babies and the tragedy of allowing abortion in our country and will be moved to take action to end abortion.

We also ask that Abby Johnson's incredible story will change hearts and minds about abortion and move people closer to Jesus Christ.




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