Friday Five: Dan Forest launches campaign, Trump defunds PP, and more

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1. DAN FOREST: Watch Dan Forest's official campaign launch for NC Governor

On August 17th, Dan Forest officially kicked off his campaign for Governor of North Carolina in 2020. 

Watch the speech here




2. GOTV: Early Voting started this week in the 9th and 3rd Congressional Districts

We wanted to send you a quick reminder that one-stop (early) voting began this week. You have until September 6th to vote early for the 9th and the 3rd District Congressional special election. After that, your last chance to vote will be on election day, September 10th.

We have proudly endorsed Dan Bishop and Dr. Greg Murphy to boldly represent North Carolina in the US House of Representatives.


3. FOX NEWS: Planned Parenthood abandons Title X federal funds after Trump rule prohibits abortion referrals

"Planned Parenthood announced Monday that it is pulling out of the Title X federal family planning program rather than abide by a new Trump administration rule prohibiting participants from referring patients for abortions. Pro-life groups heralded the abrupt decision as a major victory -- and one that signaled that Planned Parenthood, contrary to its claims, is primarily a politically motivated abortion provider, not a healthcare organization."

"About 4 million women are served nationwide under the Title X program, which distributes $260 million in grants to clinics. Planned Parenthood says it has served about 40% percent of patients."


4. WBTV: NC leaders propose $663 million refund for taxpayers

"A proposed act could mean refunds for taxpayers.

Senate Leaders Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore announced the Taxpayer Refund Act Wednesday, saying taxpayers sent too much money so they’re sending some back.

If passed into law, every taxpayer would be refunded a maximum of $125 for individuals and $250 per couple."

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5. LIBERTY HEADLINES: If you think ‘Born Alive’ after abortion never happens, think again

"As Democrats continue to advocate for third-trimester abortions, new state health statistics offer a startling fact: At least 40 infants were born alive after botched abortions across three states in 2016.

Some states are mandated by law to provide information about children who survive abortions, and recent reports from Minnesota, Arizona and Florida reveal the disturbing frequency of failed abortions. In 2018, three infants were born alive after attempted abortions. In 2017, 10 were born alive in Arizona. And since 2017, 19 infants have survived attempted abortions in Florida, according to Fox News."




LORD, we pray over the affairs of our country. You instructed us to pray for our elected and public officials, and so we raise our hands before you in public petition. We pray in particular over the Supreme Court and the various other federal and state courts. LORD, we pray protection and wisdom over them. May their judgments match your justice.

Grant all our public officials and servants humility, wisdom, and guidance.



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