Friday Five: Failed repeal, cub scout controversy, and more.

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1. Last week, NC stood firmly behind HB2 by defeating a last minute effort by state senators to repeal the privacy bill.

"Last [week] the North Carolina Senate voted to keep the protections provided by our privacy law, HB2, in place. We celebrate the Christmas season and enter into a new year encouraged that our leaders did not sacrifice the privacy, safety, or freedom of young girls by forcing them to use the bathroom, shower, or change clothes with grown men just to satisfy the demands of greedy businesses, immoral sports organizations, or angry mobs. In North Carolina we believe fashion designers, bakers, florists, wedding chapels and all citizens, including your family, should have the freedom to live and work according to their beliefs." (Read more)


2. 8-year-old transgender boy asked to leave cub scout pack.

"The family of an 8-year-old New Jersey boy says he was kicked out of Cub Scouts because he is transgender, a move that could open a new front in the debate over discrimination in Scouting." (Read more)


3. Supreme Court asked to hear military religious freedom case.

"The Supreme Court is being asked to hear the case of Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling, who refused an order to remove a personalized printed Bible verse from her workspace at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina."

"Sterling had put up a verse from Isaiah 54:17, which read: 'No weapons formed against me shall prosper.' When a superior officer, believing it to be confrontational and antagonistic, ordered her to take it down, she refused," (Read more)


4. Why young Christians can’t grasp our arguments against gay ‘marriage’.

"As Chuck Colson once said in a BreakPoint commentary about marriage, 'We Christians are very good at saying "No." But we’ve got to get better at saying "Yes": showing how God’s plan for humanity is a blessing. That His ways, including faithful, life-giving marriage between one man and one woman, lead to human flourishing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.'" (Read more)


5. The essential scorecard for religious liberty in 2016.

"The year 2016 has seen much conflict for religious freedom, not just domestically but worldwide. As individuals fight to defend this basic and fundamental human right — sometimes sacrificing their very lives — we find ourselves asking many questions about the future." (Read more)

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