Friday Five: Governor set on killing popular school voucher program, and more

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1. ONENEWSNOW: Will NC governor kill popular school voucher program?

"North Carolina's governor is drawing fire after he proposed cutting funds for the state's popular school voucher program. 

The scholarship program, enacted in 2014, pays for tuition, supplies, and other expenses if parents choose to send their children to private schools that quality to receive the funds.

Minority students comprise about 30 percent of recipients.

Tami Fitzgerald of the North Carolina Family Values Coalition says it's egregious that Gov. Roy Cooper would try to kill a program that has grown every year. She puts the blame on teachers’ unions."


2. WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: Sustained Cooper veto may foreshadow state budget outcome or serve as outlier

"Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s ability to sustain his first high-profile veto against a Republican-controlled legislature may increase the odds of an expected test of wills over the 2019-20 state budget and Medicaid expansion.

However, political scientists and policy analysts are mixed on whether the GOP’s inability Wednesday to override Cooper’s veto of Senate Bill 359 — titled “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” — will foreshadow the potential outcome, or serve as a sociopolitical outlier."

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3. VIDEO: Pastor Gabe's very powerful comments to the members of Charlotte city council at Monday's Public Forum

Please watch and share Pastor Gabe's very powerful comments to the members of city council at Monday's Public Forum and click here to RSVP and make plans to join us on June 24th for the next meeting regarding the proposed noise buffers around Charlotte abortion centers.

The public forum will serve as the final opportunity for community members to voice their concerns about the proposed noise buffer and the bias being shown by members of the city council. Please make plans to attend. There is no limit to the number of people who may attend and we want to fill the government center with blue t-shirts to make a statement that WE LOVE LIFE.


4. DAILYWIRE: Masterpiece Cakeshop was just sued for 'discrimination' for a THIRD time

"Masterpiece Cakeshop is again under fire, now the subject of a third discrimination lawsuit alleging that owner Jack Phillips "discriminated" against a customer by refusing to make a cake for [a transgender coming out event]."

"Phillips, of course, won at the United States Supreme Court after suing a Colorado "human rights" commission that punished him for refusing to provide a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding in Denver, a task Phillips said violated his religious conviction that true marriage is between one man and one woman. Phillips offered to sell the couple a pre-made cake or refer them to another baker — solutions that would have allowed Phillips to avoid material participation in the same-sex wedding — but the couple wasn't satisfied and leveled a complaint with Colorado authorities."



5. ROBESONIAN: Pro-Abortion group targets Democrat representatives like Reps. Graham and Pierce for voting to override Governor Cooper's veto of Infanticide bill

"Rep. Charles Graham’s vote in favor of overriding the governor’s veto of the 'born alive' bill has made him the target of a re-election challenge by a Raleigh-based progressive women’s organization.

Graham, of Lumberton, and Rep. Garland Pierce, of Scotland County, were the only two Democrats to side with House Republicans in a failed attempt Wednesday to override Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto. The final vote was 67-53, but 72 yes votes were needed to defeat the veto. The Senate voted to override in April.

The votes cast by Graham and Pierce quickly caught the eye and the anger of Lillian’s List. According to the group’s website, 'Lillian’s List recruits, trains and supports progressive women, who are champions of reproductive freedom and equity for women, to run for public office in North Carolina.'"

The NC Values Coalition is grateful that Rep. Graham and Rep. Pierce took the courage to stand up for life. As followers of Jesus Christ, they demonstrated that they value their faith above the threats made by the Governor and these progressive groups, and we should show them our gratitude for the courage and leadership they showed.

If you haven't already, would you email or call their offices to express how grateful you are that they stood for life?

  • Rep. Garland Pierce
  • Rep. Charles Graham



LORD, you are the giver of life and liberty. You are the One in whom we find true freedom. We pray with the deepest of gratitude, because you've broken our chains of depravity, and have gifted us a freedom born in love and service.

LORD, may we not take our liberties lightly. Even today, our brothers and sisters all across the globe experience physical, emotional, and social torture because they rightly cry out: "JESUS IS LORD!" Every day, our brethren across the globe experience persecution, and this has been a shared story of the church since its inception. Be with our brothers and sisters all across the world who suffer for crying out alongside us, "Jesus is LORD!" Grant them the fullness and power of your Spirit.

Finally, LORD we ask you to give babies—born and unborn—the freedom to live! To be cared for and treated with dignity and respect, so that they may live the lives You created them for.

“For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.” (Romans 8:2)

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (Luke 4:18-19)





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    commented on Friday Five: Governor set on killing popular school voucher program, and more 2019-06-20 13:47:42 -0400
    On your article about school voucher’s … “Tami Fitzgerald of the North Carolina Family Values Coalition says it’s egregious that Gov. Roy Cooper would try to kill a program that has grown every year. She puts the blame on teachers’ unions.” NC Teachers do not have a UNION … only voters who help their cause to give a good education to our children and a teacher’s association. This voucher program takes monies away from our public schools and the programs they need to provide EVERY child in NC with a good education.