Friday Five: HB2 1st anniversary, LGBT agenda being taught to 1st graders, etc.

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1. First anniversary of HB2

It's the one year anniversary of HB2 and the fight for safety and privacy continues. We need you now more than ever to email and call members of the General Assembly and tell them to stand strong for privacy and safety in bathrooms and for freedom to live and work according to our beliefs! Some of the proposed "compromises" on HB2 would effectively reverse key components of the original law that protect some of the state's most vulnerable citizens, like young girls.  (Read more)


2. Charlotte schools pushing LGBT ideologies on students as young as 1st grade

The Charlotte Mecklenburg School system tried to use National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month in April as a cover to push an LGBT ideology on children as young as 1st grade. Teachers in Charlotte had planned to show a child's book - Jacob's New Dress - to first graders about the story of a boy wearing a dress.  However, a multitude of complaints from parents and state legislators caused Charlotte to pull the book from its plans. (Read more)

3. North Carolina economy going strong after NCAA failed attempt to boycott state

"North Carolina may have lost out on the NCAA championships, the NBA All-Star Game and Bruce Springsteen thanks to its hotly contested transgender bathroom law, but the state’s economy didn’t miss a beat.

Economic indicators released for 2016 show that the boycott has failed to derail North Carolina as a regional and national powerhouse, despite the loss of high-profile performances and sporting events in response to House Bill 2, signed March 23 by then-Gov. Pat McCrory." (Read more)


4. Gorsuch shows legal skill, commitment to Rule of Law during confirmation hearing

"Grassley also pointed out it is telling that the same people who have so loudly demanded that Gorsuch demonstrate his independence from President Donald Trump are the ones demanding Gorsuch tip his hand on a whole host of issues that could come before him—such as voting rights, the Second Amendment, abortion, and even the controversial travel order that’s currently being litigated.

But just as judges should not provide a rubberstamp, neither should they prejudge cases. That’s why Gorsuch, following the standard long employed by Supreme Court nominees, declined to answer many of the senators’ questions about issues that may come before him in court." (Read more)


5. Pennsylvania school forces students to undress in locker rooms with opposite gender

Student sues Pennsylvania school district for sexual harassment, violation of personal privacy. Principal tells student to ‘tolerate’ undressing with student of opposite sex, make it as ‘natural’ as possible. (Read more)

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