Friday Five: HRC endorses Cooper, ObamaCare transgender lawsuit, and more

1. Human Rights Campaign endorses Roy Cooper for his work opposing HB 2.

Check out what HRC's president had to say about Cooper when they endorsed him this week:

"As governor, Roy Cooper will work to repeal HB2, stand up for common decency and fight to pass statewide, LGBTQ-inclusive, non-discrimination protections. The choice this election couldn’t be clearer.”

The only thing we would add here is that he's already worked towards repealing HB2 when he should have been defending it. It's no surprise that one of his top donors was also the owners of Preferred Women's Center—the largest abortion providers in Charlotte and Raleigh. Anti-family and anti-life activists know their allies when they see them.

2. Five states join Christian healthcare providers in lawsuit against ObamaCare's transgender mandate requiring sex-change treatment for transgenders that includes children.

"After mandating that all persons must be given the same basic care, a new Obama Administration 'nondiscrimination' decree not only forces Christian hospitals and other healthcare charities to allow transgenders to use the toilets and intimate facilities of the opposite sex but could require transgender hormonal treatments be available upon request, regardless of the moral or religious convictions of the provider. 

Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Texas, and Wisconsin joined the Franciscan Alliance, the Christian Medical Association, Specialty Physicians of Illinois, the Christian Dental Association, and other healthcare providers in the lawsuit. The new rules are a part of the ObamaCare mandate requiring coverage of abortion, sterilization, and contraception."

"'North Carolina Values Coalition agrees with the 20,000 members of the American College of Pediatricians, who earlier this month called for the end to the normalization of gender dysphoria in children,' Fitzgerald continued. 'Young children are being permanently sterilized and surgically maimed under the guise of "treatment."'

The family values leader charged, 'The Obama Administration is attempting to force insurance coverage for sex reassignment treatments when there is no medical or scientific proof that such treatments actually work.'

Fitzgerald noted that opposite gender curiosity, and even experimentation, is a common, passing stage in prepubescent and adolescent children. 'Studies have found that when gender dysphoria occurs in a prepubertal child, it is naturally resolved in 80-95 percent of patients by late adolescence, after they pass through puberty,' she explained." (Read more)

3. Vermont cancels women's basketball game vs. UNC, even though UVM's Patrick Gym has the same bathroom policy as UNC.

According to the University's website the policy states, "Athletics staff have identified a single-user, gender neutral restroom, changing room, and shower facility that trans people can use." This policy of accommodation is identical to North Carolina's HB2 when it comes to public accommodations available to all students, faculty and players at University of North Carolina. (Read more)

4. NC Values Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald writes editorial in the Daily Signal discussing NC schools' anti-bullying transgender agenda.

"It is clear that the new “anti-bullying” policy adopted by the district is in truth a model LGBT policy for the rest of the state. What better way to indoctrinate the masses to believe that there is no difference between boys and girls than to force them to share showers, bathrooms, homecoming crowns, sex ed classes, hotel rooms on overnight field trips, and sports teams?" (Read more)

5. Texas Federal District Judge Reed O'Connor issued a ruling on Sunday maintaining status quo for school bathrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities.

Great news! In a ruling issued late on Sunday by Texas Federal District Judge Reed O’Connor, teachers and students returning to the nation’s classrooms will be required to maintain the status quo when it comes to bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities. Judge O’Connor concluded that there is a strong likelihood the coalition of 13 states would win their case against the Justice Department and issued a nationwide stay of the Obama Administration’s transgender bathroom directive issued to all schools and universities requiring that students be granted access to the bathroom, locker room or shower facility matching their gender identity or risk losing federal funding.

Yesterday’s decision is at least the third legal setback for transgender rights in federal court this month. The U.S. Supreme Court blocked a lower court ruling requiring a Virginia school district to allow a biologically female student to use the boy’s restroom on August 3. And last Thursday, a federal judge in Detroit upheld the firing of a transgender funeral home employee, ruling that “neither transgender status nor gender identity are protected classes” under anti-discrimination laws. (Read more)


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