Friday Five: Judge Schroeder & HB2, Richard Land on Trump, and more

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1. Judge Schroeder makes narrow ruling suspending enforcement of HB2's bathroom provision for only three UNC transgender student and faculty plaintiffs.

"Schroeder, a George W. Bush appointee to the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, ruled two transgender students and a transgender employee "are likely to succeed" in their challenge of H.B. 2's bathroom use provision because that provision violates Title IX of the 1972 federal Education Amendments, as interpreted by the Obama administration.

The relevant precedent in the UNC case, Schroeder wrote in an 83-page opinion, is the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' April ruling that a transgender high school student in Virginia is entitled to use restrooms and other facilities corresponding to her gender identity. The Fourth Circuit ruled, Schroeder stated, that "controlling weight" should be given to the Department of Education's interpretation of "sex discrimination" in Title IX as including gender identity discrimination."

While the media has presented the decision as a victory for anti-HB2 proponents, HB2 remains in effect for all others at UNC and across the state. The irony of the decision is how little impact it would even have, given UNC has alleged some sovereignty to ignore state law. (Read more)


2. Two of the nations leading mental health scholars release 143 page report that surveys 200 peer-reviewed studies and argues most of the common claims heard about sexuality and gender are not supported by science.

"The belief that sexual orientation is an innate, biologically fixed human property—that people are ‘born that way’—is not supported by scientific evidence.

Likewise, the belief that gender identity is an innate, fixed human property independent of biological sex—so that a person might be a ‘man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’—is not supported by scientific evidence." (Read more)


3. Texas and a dozen others states file brief in NC cases arguing in favor of HB2 and against the Obama administration's involvement.

"Texas and a dozen other states are asking a federal judge in North Carolina to side with Republican leaders defending a law governing transgender restroom access. The group behind the amicus brief Wednesday largely overlaps with states that won a ruling last week against Obama administration guidelines on transgender restroom access in schools.

The states also argue the North Carolina proceedings should be halted temporarily because of that ruling and a Virginia case that the U.S. Supreme Court may hear.

Meanwhile, states including New York and dozens of companies have filed amicus briefs attacking North Carolina's law." (Read more)


4. Richard Land writes editorial supporting and encouraging evangelicals to vote for Trump over Hillary.

So, in a fallen world, faced with the painful choice of choosing between the lesser evil (Donald Trump) vs. the greater evil (Hillary Clinton), I believe I have a moral obligation to vote for the lesser evil. Otherwise, I become morally culpable for the greater evil prevailing. Some Evangelicals have said, "If I voted for Donald Trump, I would have to apologize to Bill Clinton." Frankly, I feel that if I didn't vote for Donald Trump in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, I would have to apologize to Jesus.

We have all heard "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Just so, we should not let the bad be the friend of the worst. In other words, don't let a flawed candidate deter us from opposing the much worse opponent." (Read more)

5. Religious liberty hangs in the balance in Governor Pat McCrory’s bid for reelection.
"The question on the line in Pat McCrory’s race to be North Carolina governor is whether or not traditional religious believers are going to be treated equally, or treated like second-class citizens in America. The future of religious liberty is on the line." (Read more)


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