Friday Five: Maps update, secret radical teacher portals, and more

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1. SPECTRUM NEWS: Appeals denied after court approves new redistricting maps for North Carolina

"A Wake County court approved new redistricting maps Wednesday for North Carolina’s 2022 elections. But parties on both sides of the lawsuit appealed within hours of the ruling. Those appeals were denied late Wednesday by a ruling from the N.C. Supreme Court.

The court rejected the GOP-drawn Congressional map, instead choosing a map drawn by the court’s special masters, who were tasked with analyzing the maps. The court approved the legislature’s maps for the North Carolina House and Senate that the General Assembly passed last week.

The General Assembly appealed the new congressional map. The League of Conservation Voters, one of the plaintiffs, appealed the North Carolina Senate map. The N.C. Supreme Court denied the motions to block the Wake County court's decision. The groups could appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Candidate filing is scheduled to start Thursday morning at 8 a.m."

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2. THE DAILY SIGNAL: Secret Teacher Portals Reveal ‘Pronoun Surveys,’ ‘Black Lives Matter Curriculum.’ Here’s What I Found in the Leaked Content.

"At the Santa Barbara Unified School District in California, teachers are given a plethora of politically radical resources that they are expected to implement in the classroom, which are now coming to light.

Christy Lozano, a teacher at the Santa Barbara Unified School District, has revealed that teachers are expected to access a password-protected portal for teaching “culturally responsive material.” She has exposed the far-left content with Laura Ingraham, and she recently provided me with the materials as well.

The materials are laid out in numerous webpages, each encompassing a different progressive cause. Some of the category headings include “Black Lives Matter,” “Bilingual/Multilingual Advocacy Month,” and “LGBTQIA+ Month.” When I started to dig into the materials, it quickly became apparent that they were not simply educational tools."

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3. NEWS & OBSERVER: NC won’t show the sex of students on PowerSchool. It’s meant to help transgender kids.

"A recent change designed to protect the privacy of North Carolina’s transgender public school students is drawing complaints from some conservative groups. At the end of January, the state Department of Public Instruction updated the PowerSchool information system so that the sex for students is no longer visible unless schools give users permission to view the records. The change, which DPI says is based on federal guidance, is meant to protect transgender students from being outed if the gender they identify with is not the same as their biological gender."

With all the indoctrination efforts happening across across, across counties, across the country, we wanted to make sure you saw an opportunity to be salt and light.

"Superintendent Catherine Truitt is launching a new Parent Advisory Commission to elevate the voice of parents in students’ education. The 48-member advisory board will include six parents or guardians from each of the state’s eight educational regions to ensure diverse geographical participation with the application available for parents today. Members will share their aspirations for public education in the state and discuss challenges it faces, helping to put together recommendations for elected officials and policy makers in North Carolina, while providing direct feedback to Truitt."

We want to encourage our coalition members that are parents to apply for Truitt's parent council. This is an excellent way for her to hear about our your concerns as it relates to parental rights issues.

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4. SAVE THE DATE: Join us for our next Parental Rights Coalition

Every month, the NC Values Coalition hosts a Parental Rights Coalition meeting where we get to hear from various speakers about ways to combat harmful curriculum and classroom indoctrination.

We would love to invite those interested to join us at our upcoming meeting in March, which takes place Tuesday, March 22nd at noon. We will be joined by Katie Gorka, who is the Director of the Center for Civil Society and the American Dialogue at the Heritage Foundation.

For those interested in attending, Contact our Reaghan Boerman at [email protected] for additional information. Once we have a list of attendees, we will send out a Teams meeting so we can meet virtually.


5. SCOTUS: Certification granted in religious liberty case 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis

Earlier this week, the US Supreme Court granted certification to 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis' petition, which is one of the many cases before the Court that we have filed Amicus Briefs in (to view some of the others, click here and select amicus briefs).

The case's petition addresses following question: "Whether applying a public-accommodation law to compel an artist to speak or stay silent violates the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment."

To learn more about the case, check out ADF's summation here.




Lord Jesus, you are the Prince of Peace. How you care for your sheep. How you love the widowed and the orphaned! How you condemn the one who violently widows and orphans!

No principality on earth could bring about the Shalom of the Kingdom. For no principal could come down on a cloud, as you one day will. Furthermore, when their attempts at peacemaking come at the destructive end of the sword, the scars are the very antithesis of peace.

We love peace, Lord Jesus. Is it not the very thing we desire most in our hearts? That we have peace in our lives. Peace from self doubts. Peace from violent aggressors. Peace from the price of our sin.

We pray for the peace of Ukraine. We pray for their protection and resilience. We pray that Ukraine be victorious against the aggressor, that violent bully named Putin.

What a tragedy before your eyes, Prince Jesus. To see countries that call one another "brothers," recreate the episode with Russia as Cain, and Ukraine as Abel.

We pray for the peace and the people of Ukraine. May our hearts mourn for them, and our nation help as is most wise and prudent.

"For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.

And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." (Isaiah 9:6)



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