Friday Five: Masterpiece Cakeshop and Jack Phillips go before the Supreme Court and we were there, Thousands March in Charlotte for the Unborn & more...

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1. Masterpiece Cakeshop and Jack Phillips go before the Supreme Court and we were there!

"With Kennedy seemingly holding the key vote, the couple and their supporters at first seemed to have reason to be optimistic. Discussing the impact that a ruling for the baker could have for gays and lesbians, Kennedy told Solicitor General Noel Francisco, who argued on behalf of the United States in support of Masterpiece Cakeshop, that if the baker were to win, he could put up a sign indicating that he would not bake cakes for same-sex couples. That, Kennedy suggested, would be “an affront to the gay community.”

But the tide seemed to shift later in the argument, as Kennedy asked Colorado Solicitor General Frederick Yarger, representing the state, about a statement by a member of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission who noted that religious beliefs had in the past been used to justify other forms of discrimination, like slavery and the Holocaust. It is, the commission member contended, “one of the most despicable pieces of rhetoric that people can use their religion to hurt others.” If we thought that at least this member of the commission had based his decision on hostility to religion, Kennedy asked Yarger, could the judgment against Masterpiece stand?

Kennedy returned to this idea again a few minutes later, telling Yarger that “tolerance is essential in a free society.” But Colorado, Kennedy posited, hasn’t been very tolerant of Phillips’ religious beliefs in this case. And, following up on Gorsuch’s suggestion that the training required of Phillips would amount to compelled speech, Kennedy commented (more than a little derisively) that Phillips would “have to teach that state law supersedes our religious beliefs.”"

We were at the Supreme Court on the 5th to support Jack Phillips and streamed multiple Facebook Live videos for our community to be there also. We thank you for your support which allowed us to file an Amicus Brief on behalf of this case before the Supreme Court. We will continue to work hard to represent your values!

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2. Thousands March in Charlotte for the Unborn with Love Life Charlotte

Watch the recap of the Celebrate Life Prayer Walk that happened last Saturday in Charlotte. The Church came out in full force to advocate for the most vulnerable and blameless, the  unborn. Thank you Love Life Charlotte for organizing 




3. Anglican Minister Urges Prayers for Prince George to Be Gay

"A prominent Anglican cleric and gay rights campaigner known for contentious gestures has urged believers to pray for Prince George — age 4, and third in line to the throne — to find the love “of a fine young gentleman” when he grows up so as to advance the cause of same-sex marriage in church."

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4. Denmark aborted all but 4 babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome last year


"A Danish official is using the four children with Down syndrome who weren’t aborted in Denmark last year to argue that his country’s policy is not to kill everyone with an extra chromosome."




5. NC Values is fighting the Welcoming Schools transgender curriculum, join us and SIGN our Petition

Add your name if you believe the Welcoming Schools transgender curriculum is inappropriate for your local elementary school, and that it's the responsibility of parents, not schools, to address topics of alternative lifestyles and gender confusion when they feel it is developmentally appropriate and within the privacy of their own homes.





LORD, you are the giver of life and liberty. You are the One in whom we find true freedom. We pray with the deepest of gratitude, because you've broken our chains of depravity, and have gifted us a freedom born in love and service.

LORD, may we not take our liberties lightly. Even today, our brothers and sisters all across the globe experience physical, emotional, and social torture because they rightly cry out: "JESUS IS LORD!" Every day, our brethren across the globe experience persecution, and this has been a shared story of the church since its inception. Today our brother Jack Phillips is being told that his religious freedom is not sacred. LORD, we pray that the Court protects and restores his freedom to live and work according to his religious beliefs and that he won't be compelled by the government to issue a message and participate in an event that violates his conscience. May our hearts, prayers, and resources be with our brother, Jack Phillips, and may this reality sober us to the gift we have in our Constitution's protections of religious freedom.

LORD, we also bring these specific prayer requests to you, and pray that your Spirit may empower our petitions: Be with our country and church, as it faces such a large threat from the Supreme Court. LORD, we pray for the City of Charlotte and thank The Church for walking out in defense of the unborn. LORD, we pray that you be with the members of the military home and abroad, protect them as they protect our freedoms and liberty. Be with us, and the least among us, as we work to protect the foundational and first freedom. Be with us as we advance and advocate for the chief liberty.

“...and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." They answered Him, "We are Abraham's descendants and have never yet been enslaved to anyone; how is it that You say, 'You will become free'?" Jesus answered them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son does remain forever. So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed." (John 8:32-36)

"It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery." (Ga 5:1)



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