Friday Five: Methodists on Marriage, Abortion Pill Reversal, and more

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1. CHRISTIANITY TODAY: United Methodists vote to keep traditional marriage stance

"After days of passionate debate, deliberation, and prayer—and years of tension—the United Methodist Church (UMC) voted Tuesday to maintain its traditional stance against same-sex marriage and non-celibate gay clergy, bolstered by a growing conservative contingent from Africa."

Praise God!



2. WXII12: Pat McCrory and Mark Harris have both announced they will not run in the NC-9 congressional election

"Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory will not run for Congress.

McCrory announced his decision that he will not join the race in the 9th Congressional district on his weekday WBT-AM radio show.

On his radio show, McCrory said that he felt he was making a difference in his position teaching at UNC Chapel Hill."

Pat McCrory is joined by Mark Harris, who also announced this week that he is not running again for the NC-9 congressional election.


3. FOX 46 CHARLOTTE: Charlotte doctor develops treatment to reverse the abortion pill

Check out this amazing video of a family who used a Charlotte doctor's abortion pill reversal treatment to save their baby boy.


4. LIFE NEWS: Three states will sue President Trump after he defunded Planned Parenthood of $60 million

"Three states are putting together lawsuits challenging President Donald Trump’s new administrative rule that would partially defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business and deprive it of as much as $60 million in taxpayer dollars. This action adds to President Trump’s record of defunding the Planned Parenthood abortion company. The abortion chain receives about $50 million to $60 million in Title X funds annually, but that could change now that the new rules are being implemented. The administration’s changes to Title X family planning grants have angered the abortion chain Planned Parenthood, prompting a lawsuit, but they provide hope for life-affirming pregnancy centers, which can now compete with the abortion giant for the federal funds."

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5. POLL: Dramatic shift to pro-life side among democrats and young people

"A new, national survey on the heels of legislation in New York and Virginia to allow abortion up to the moment of birth shows a major shift to the pro-life side among Democrats and young people, according to the Marist College for Public Opinion and the Knights of Columbus.

The Feb. 12-17 survey revealed that in just one month, the number of Democrats who identified as pro-life shifted from 20% to 34%. Also, the number of Democrats identifying as "pro-choice" fell from 75% to 61%. That's a 14-percentage point swing in only four weeks.

For Americans age 45 and younger, the shift was from 28% identifying as pro-life four weeks ago to 47% today; the percentage of young people who said they were "pro-choice" fell from 65% to 48%."




LORD, today we simply want to pray a prayer of gratitude for the events that unfolded this week among our Methodist brothers and sisters. Praise the power of the Spirit for moving among the international Methodist community, and leading them to uphold biblical marriage. The nations will inherit the fruit of their biblical fidelity.

Praise you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" (Pro 14:34).



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