Friday Five: Midterm election edition

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1. VIDEO: Democrat NC-9 congressional candidate Dan McCready releases disgusting political ad attacking orthodox Christian doctrine and Mark Harris' pulpit ministry

What kind of man would use the video and audio of a pastor’s sermon by splicing very selected passages to attack his opponent in an election? We’ve never seen anything like it, except when Brett Kavanaugh was attacked at the last minute before confirmation to the Supreme Court by unsubstantiated and scurrilous claims. Dan McCready (who professes to have become a Christian in Afghanistan and to have been baptized in the waters of the Euphrates) has unleashed a new ad against our friend Mark Harris in the 9th District for Congress that just leaves us speechless! Watch it and see for yourself.

If you're a pastor or a Christian, the usage of orthodox doctrine and biblical preaching in a political attack ad should sober you to just what is at stake this election. We hope you consider checking out this video from the Institute for Faith and Family, and consider sharing it at church this Sunday. 


2. NEWS & OBSERVER: A billionaire who wants to impeach Trump is working to turn out North Carolina voters

This San Francisco California Billionaire is exporting his values directly into North Carolina. He is spending big bucks across the state to back candidates that will impeach the President and turn back pro-family values. His efforts and others like George Soros underscore the importance of voting for pro-family candidates this midterm election.

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3. NCVC: 2018 NC Judicial Voters Guide

Looking for some insight into the statewide NC judicial elections? Check out our 2018 voter guide:


4. NCVC: Today and tomorrow—November 2nd and 3rd—are your last opportunities to vote early!

Your time is running out to vote early and beat the long lines on election day! Click here to find your nearest voting site today.

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5. CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: Here are the 5 key races and issues to watch on election night in North Carolina

"The midterm elections Tuesday could give Democrats control of the U.S. House in Washington, break the Republicans’ veto-proof supermajority in Raleigh and usher in sweeping changes to the North Carolina constitution, including requiring voters to show photo ID.

Or, it might not. With polls in many key districts showing tight races, and turnout less predictable in a “blue moon” midterm with no statewide, marquee offices like president or governor on the ballot, poll-watchers could have a long night ahead of them Tuesday.

Polls close at 7:30 p.m. You can keep up with the live results as they roll in statewide at, and follow the news at

Here are five key issues and races to watch in North Carolina this Tuesday that will have major national, statewide and local implications."



LORD, we pray with great urgency over the affairs of our country. You instructed us to pray for our elected officials, and we raise our hands before you in this effort. Our country is experiencing a moment of great social turmoil. LORD, please be with your people during this time. Be with all the voters and candidates during this midterm elections. May those who honor your truths be elected to positions of political power.

Grant them all humility, wisdom, and guidance.



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