Friday Five: NC Governor signs Order allowing men to enter women's bathrooms

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1. NC Governor signs Executive Order to allow men to enter women's showers and bathrooms in State buildings.

"The Governor's and Attorney General's actions today constitute a massive power grab, with sweeping changes that only the Legislative Branch has the authority to enact.  After signing into law earlier this year HB 142, which kept in place longstanding laws that required that showers and bathrooms be used in accordance with one's sex on their birth certificate, Governor Cooper has betrayed the people of North Carolina with an Executive Order that not only allows boys and men into girls' and women's showers and bathrooms, but also forces private businesses to adopt sweeping LGBT special rights.

Governor Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein also entered into a settlement of the ACLU's lawsuit against the bathroom privacy bill HB142 whereby, they agreed that the State would allow people to use bathrooms and showers according to the gender with which they identify. This constitutes a capitulation to LGBT groups and will allow men into women's showers and bathrooms. They essentially they colluded with the ACLU and have refused to defend the law and the views of the majority of North Carolineans."

The order applies to employment in state government and the provision of government services, including programs and services concerning public safety, health, and welfare.

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2. A Boy's Life with Unisex Scout

"The Boy Scouts are en route to holding that there is nothing to being a boy, and nothing to the boy’s becoming a man; they might as well be the Unisex Scouts, as they are in Canada, where the scouting movement has collapsed."

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3. Drag-Queen Demon Reads To Kids At Michelle Obama Library

"The “Drag Queen Story Hour” is one that aims to give young children “unabashedly queer role models,” according the program’s website."

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4. Concerned Women for America host Charlotte Municipal Forum

"CWA of North Carolina, Jesus Ministry and Frederick Douglass Foundation of North Carolina Charlotte Municipal Forum at First Baptist Church"




5. NC Values begins Charlotte GOTV effort

Vi Lyles IS Jennifer Roberts. They have the same leftist plans, and the same extreme liberal agenda. Both pushed the 'Bathroom Ordinance' to allow men into women's restrooms/showers, and both seek restriction of free speech for pro-life groups.

This election, don't vote for more of the same. Vote for candidates like Kenny Smith (Mayor), Parker Cains (At Large), Pete Givens (District 2), Daniel Herrera (District 3), John Powell (At Large), Tariq Scott Bokhari (District 6), and Ed Driggs (District 7) who promote public policies that:
✔ Sustain free speech rights
✔ Preserve public prayer
✔ Protect privacy in bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms
✔ Nurture family, faith, and religious freedom

🗳️ Early voting begins October 19th, and election day is November 7th.





LORD, you are the giver of life and liberty. You are the One in whom we find true freedom. We pray with the deepest of  gratitude, because you've broken our chains of depravity, and have gifted us a freedom born in love and service.

LORD, may we not take our liberties lightly. Even today, our brothers and sisters all across the globe experience physical, emotional, and social torture because they rightly cry out: "JESUS IS LORD!" Every day, our brethren across the globe experience persecution, and this has been a shared story of the church since its inception. May our hearts, prayers, and resources be with our brethren at home and abroad, and may this reality sober us to the gift we have in our Constitution's protections of religious freedom. 

LORD, we also bring these specific prayer requests to you, and pray that your Spirit may empower our petitions: Be with our country, as it experiences some of the greatest threats in its history to our right of religious liberty. LORD, our conscious is under attack by forces on all fronts. They attack our religious liberty in our businesses and our schools. Be with us, and the least among us, as we work to protect the foundational and first freedom. Be with us as we advance and advocate for the chief liberty.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." (2 Co 3:17)

"You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh ; rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself." (Ga 5:13-14))




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