Friday Five: NC Legislators Convene First School Safety Committee Meeting & more...

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1. NC Legislators Convene First School Safety Committee Meeting

 PRAYER REQUEST: Would you take a couple of minutes to pray for the safety of our schools and students? Would you also pray for our legislative representatives and their efforts to make our schools safer?


2. Forcing Pro-Life Pregnancy Care Centers to Advertise for Abortion is Unjust and Unconstitutional

"Can the state compel an organization to proclaim a message that is the very antithesis of its mission?

On March 20, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case that poses this question. National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra challenges a California law that requires pro-life pregnancy centers to provide information to women about how and where to obtain a free or low-cost abortion. The law targets these pregnancy centers and imposes a fine if they are found to be in noncompliance. In other words, AB 775—also known as the Reproductive FACT Act—forces organizations to violate their very reason for existence. It also undermines their ability to meet a vital need of the women of California by offering them a pro-life, pro-woman alternative to abortion.

The deeply pro-choice California legislature wants pro-life organizations and citizens to do free advertising on its and the abortion lobby’s behalf."



3. Sen. Lee Introduces First Amendment Defense Act

Senator Mike Lee has introduced the First Amendment Defense Act. Do you think our Senators should support it?

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4. Not a Prayer! Navy Rejects Secular Humanist Chaplain

The Navy has denied the application of an atheist who was applying to be a Navy chaplain. The decision comes after Rep. Mark Meadows and 39 other members of Congress wrote a letter to the Navy arguing that the appointment would undermine the institution and function of the military's chaplaincy.


5. I Can Only Imagine - In Theaters Now

Looking for something to do this weekend that's family-friendly? The independent Christian film "I Can Only Imagine" has surpassed expectations and has been performing incredibly well. We always love to see artists impacting our culture through their medium.

Have any of you seen the film? How was it?





LORD, we cry out to you as Father. You are a beautiful Dad. You are a model of the love, mercy, and authority of the perfect parent. We thank you for modeling for us what every parent should strive for, and for creating this wonderful institution called family. 

LORD, we thank you for creating us with a basic nature designed to not be alone. Our very nature calls us into the most intimate of relationships, where we experience joys indescribable: the joys of marriage, the joys of having children; the joys of seeing our children have children. What a blessing and mercy you gave us in the family! In it we find our first teachers, our first guardians, and our first authorities. 

LORD, we recognize how deeply you love your children, and how deeply it pains you when they go astray. Alongside our adoration and thanksgiving, we pray in confession--as individuals and as members of larger communities--over any sins we may have committed that undermine your beloved institution. Forgive us when we endanger your institution through selfishness and arrogance. Forgive our communities and nation for attempting to redefine some of the most basic and deepest parts of being human--being made male and female, having lifelong marriage vows and responsibilities, and having parental rights over educating one's children. 

LORD, we also bring these specific prayer requests to you, and pray that your Spirit may empower and protect our labor: LORD be with our schools and legislature as they try to protect our children! Be with the Supreme Court as they hear the case of NIFLA and need discernment regarding this case. Be with all of our families today, and we ask that your Spirit may empower us to be better fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and children.

For I have chosen him, that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing righteousness and justice, so that the LORD may bring to Abraham what he has promised him." (Genesis 18:19)

".Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)



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