Friday Five: NC Values Legislative Scorecard launch, early voting almost over, and more

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1. NC VALUES: Official launch of NC Values Coalition Champions of the Family Legislative Scorecard

Just in time for the final days of early voting and before primary election day, we're excited to announce the launch of our NC Values Coalition Legislative Scorecard. Our interactive scorecard scores legislators in office on how much they have championed pro-family values. Each representative and senator received a score between 0%-100% based on their past representative activity, and the scorecard allows you to search for particular legislators, or arrange columns by score, name, party, district, and office.

Our NC Values Scorecard is one of several election tools that equip you to make informed voter decisions this election season.

Check it out:



2. NC VALUES: Early voting ends tomorrow, February 29th

We wanted to make sure you were aware that there are only two more days to vote early for the primary election (tomorrow, February 29th, is your last date to vote early before the March 3rd Primary Election day).

In addition to today's launch of our NC Values Legislative Scorecard, in order to simplify your voting experience, we have two tools we wanted you to check out:
  1. NC Values Find My Voting Site App: We've created an app on our website that allows you to enter your registered voting address, and find the early or election day voting site nearest you on Google maps. In addition to voting dates and hours, the tool will also give you information on your ballot's candidates, as well as other helpful voting resources.
  2. NC Values Sponsored iVoterGuide: For this NC primary election, we've sponsored the independent 3rd-party iVoterGuide's NC Republican Primary Voter Guide. The guide uses a combination of donation history, questionnaires, background analysis, and panel review to determine a candidate's affinity with your values. Simply enter your zip code and get the iVoterGuide rankings on candidates specific to your ballot.

PS: In case you missed it, last week the NC Values Coalition made an important announcement when we endorsed Dan Forest for NC Governor. Click here to check out our endorsement announcement on Facebook, or here to check Dan Forest's response.

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3. NC VALUES: Outrage: Public school sex surveys and "trans reading day"

First came Charlotte Mecklenburg School district's "Gender Unicorn" and "Jacob's New Dress." Then came Wake County Public School System's "Diversity Inventory" and "Gender Stickfigure." Now comes district-wide sexuality and gender surveys, and what is being called "National Trans Reading Day."

We recently found out this week from CMS parents and students that children—some as young as 10—were forced to participate in an annual school survey that asked about their sexual preference and gender identity.

For more information on the outrageous CMS sexual identity survey and the state of our public schools, check out our article here, and these WBT Radio, WFAE, and Technician Online articles.


4. NC VALUES: Senate failed to protect babies and stop infanticide.

Our coalition is brokenhearted that there were not enough votes this week in the US Senate to pass two common-sense pro-life bills that would end late-term abortions and guarantee prenatal care to infants born alive during a failed abortion.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), would have protected unborn children from late-term abortion after five months. The bill is known as “Micah’s Law” in honor of Micah Pickering, who was born prematurely at twenty weeks (22 weeks gestation). The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, introduced by Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), would have amended title 18, United States Code, to prohibit a health care practitioner from failing to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion.

While we commend North Carolina’s two Senators—Richard Burr and Thom Tillis—for voting for these important bills, we still have a Governor in North Carolina who vetoed the same Born Alive Abortion Survivors’ Act last year and supports killing babies in the womb up to and even after birth.



5. LIFE SITE NEWS: 9th Circuit court upholds Trump rule that led to Planned Parenthood losing $60M

"The Trump administration may continue to enforce a rule mandating that recipients of federal planning funds, such as Planned Parenthood, separate themselves from abortion activities, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday."




LORD, we pray over the primary election in our state. We ask you that godly candidates who will defend and advance your values in the public square win their races. We pray that in particular, candidates who will champion the family, life, and religious liberty will go on to win their primaries, and then win their general elections this Fall. We pray that your people may be motivated to perform their civic duties and go vote. LORD, please give our organization the resources and cheerful donors that enable our important values-honoring work. 

Grant all our public officials and servants humility, wisdom, and guidance.





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