Friday Five: NCHSAA campaign; Major updates in religious liberty, and more

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1. NC VALUES: 🏃 Contact the NCHSAA and ask them to reverse their transgender athlete participation policy

If you believe it is not fair for the NCHSAA to allow athletes who were born male and went through puberty as males to compete in girls sports and share bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers with girls (and vice versa), would you consider taking a minute to use this click-to-contact tool to ask the NCHSAA to reverse their gender identity policy?


You can also read more about the campaign here.



2. FOX NEWS: Democratic Party embraces nonreligious voters criticizes 'religious liberty' in new resolution

"The Democratic National Committee (DNC) passed a resolution Saturday praising the values of 'religiously unaffiliated' Americans as the 'largest religious group within the Democratic Party.'

The resolution, which was unanimously passed at the DNC's summer meeting on Aug. 24 in San Francisco, Calif., was championed by the Secular Coalition of America, an organization that lobbies on behalf of atheists, agnostics, and humanists on public policy. The group celebrated the DNC's move as the first time a major party 'embraced American nonbelievers.'"


3. TRIPLE WIN FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: VA Lifts ban on bibles in move to support religious freedom; Finally religious groups may get fair shot at federal contracts; and Christian video company can't be forced to film same-sex weddings appeals court rules

Three stories on major updates in religious liberty:

Thanks to a fellow North Carolinian who reflects NC values, "The VA revised directives to permit religious literature, symbols, and displays at agency facilities following a string of incidents in recent years in which individual medical centers banned Christmas carols and a Christmas tree, chapels removed Bibles, and chaplains faced restraints on religious expression."

Read more:

"For years, confusion has attached to the question of whether religious organizations can contract with government as religious organizations without violating the law. Now, with some much-needed clarification, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) invites religious employers to compete for federal contracts on equal footing with their secular counterparts."

Read more:

"A federal appeals court ruled Friday that a Christian media company cannot be forced to produce videos for same-sex weddings under Minnesota state law."

Read more:


4. FREE BEACON: NC Dem justices soft on sex crimes; Justice Paul Newby stands strong

"The Democratic majority on North Carolina's supreme court ruled to let a child porn offender go free on a technicality and allowed serial sexual offenders to avoid GPS monitoring in two decisions released in August."

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5. WATCH: DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Abby Johnson vs. Skyler Turden Debate Abortion! | Louder with Crowder

SJW Skyler Turden returns to debate Planned Parenthood turncoat Abby Johnson on abortion.




LORD, we pray over the affairs of our country. You instructed us to pray for our elected and public officials, and so we raise our hands before you in public petition. We pray in particular over the Supreme Court and the various other federal and state courts. LORD, we pray protection and wisdom over them. May their judgments match your justice.

Grant all our public officials and servants humility, wisdom, and guidance.



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